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The best covered litter boxes for privacy

Litter boxes with covers come in many different styles, and you can find the kind that fits your cat’s habits and your aesthetics. There are some with hooded covers that look a little like a house for your pet, so it would look unassuming. Others are more modern and sleeker and have a very minimalistic design that can blend into your room without calling too much attention to itself. There are even some more interesting designs like those with top entrances so that the box stays covered but the cat is still in open air.

Covered cat litter boxes give you benefits both obvious and not. Many people decide on a covered litter box because it will be more aesthetically pleasing than an open box of cat litter. It may also be a choice because of the portability of some that come with handles. One of the benefits that may not be as obvious is the privacy it provides your cat. It gives them a place to hide in, and they may feel more protected with one.

IRIS Hooded Cat Litter Box

Best Corner Box

Do you want a covered litter box that can easily be tucked into the corner? The IRIS Hooded Cat Litter Box has got you and your cat covered. This cat covered litter box provides plenty of space for your cat to do their business while also staying tucked away for maximum floor space. The handle at the top and the buckles on the lid make this covered litter box easy to port around. The flap keeps everything in while giving plenty of room for your cat to come in and out.

PetSafe Self-Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Best Self-cleaning

When your life gets too busy, you do not want your time crunch to cause odors and cleanup to pile up. Thankfully, the PetSafe Self-Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box makes sure that cleaning stays easy to do and remember. There is no need for scooping or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks. The disposable trays are leak-proof to make sure that all of the waste is stored away safely without the danger of it getting everywhere. You can also monitor how often your cat uses the box with the counter.

AmazonBasics Cat Litter Box

Best Top Entry

When your cat still wants the open air but you do not want to deal with residual litter everywhere, the AmazonBasics Cat Litter Box will be the best of both worlds. The enclosed cat litter box is made so that there is no way for the waste or the litter to fall out of the box. The top entry is high enough that your cat can enjoy the jump and big enough to accommodate cats of any size. The textured top of the box keeps your cat stable. When you want to clean it, simply remove the top to get to the litter.

These covered litter boxes have plenty of benefits that people may not think about actively. As a cat owner, you may not have realized the better options out there for you and your cat, but now you can see the kinds of benefits that these litter boxes can provide for your cat and your home.