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The best crystal cat litter for odor control

There are plenty of benefits of crystal cat litter that puts it above other formulas. The crystalline silica pieces are effective at odor blocking because of their hollow channel structures that can trap moisture and odors inside of them. The moisture locking also helps with making sure that any spray will stay inside the litter box.

When your pet relieves themselves, it’s not a glamorous affair, but you can at least make your cat box look better with these cat litter crystals. These tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than standard types of cat litter. The crystals and the cat litter tend to be dust-free so that all of the litter stays in the box and you will not have to deal with litter dust in the air.

PetSafe Premium Crystal Cat Litter

Best for Scoop-free Trays

If you want to keep your hands free from cleaning up after your cat, the PetSafe Premium Crystal Cat Litter box tray refills will keep your cat smelling pretty and your time free to get other things done. The crystal cat litter will absorb urine and dehydrate any solid waste to remove odors so you never have to deal with it. The crystals are low-tracking and dust-free, so there will be no litter outside of the box. The plastic lining on the tray will make this easy to bag up and clean out.

Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter

Best for longer use

One of the best things about crystal cat litter is its longevity, and the Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter lasts up to 30 days for a long-lasting odor control. This makes litter box maintenance so much easier because you only have to change out the entire litter box every few weeks instead of every week. An 8-pound bag of this crystal cat litter is equivalent to 28 pounds of a standard cat litter, so you really are getting a big bang for your buck.

Ultrapet Ultra Cat Litter

Best Budget

All of the benefits of crystal cat litter do not have to come at a premium cost. The Ultrapet Ultra Cat Litter is a great cat litter that is made to be soft on your cat’s paws while they do their business. The crystals create thousands of channels for moisture and odors to get trapped in. It will dry out any solid waste for easy cleanup. The micro beads and litter may look small, but they will not kick up and leave dust in the air either.

Treat your cat like the royalty they are with the crystals to match. The crystal litter lasts longer and will give you a convenience that other litter brands simply will not. The litter keeps your home smelling fresh, and you may not even notice your cat going to use the litter box. Go ahead and get yourself that peace of mind.