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The best heated cat houses for warmth and comfort

Heated cat houses offer your pet a comfortable respite from the cold, especially if they’re an outdoor pet. Gift them their very own warm, insulated, and cozy home you can tuck away in their corner of the home, on the porch, and in the garage. There are many wonderful products on the market, but we’ve tracked down the best models here to help you decide.

Many heated cat houses are designed for outdoor use, and these are more effective during rough weather conditions like freezing temperatures. These powerful houses are often electric-powered, so consider that you’ll need an outlet to keep them running. On the other hand, choose a self-heating bed if your cat stays indoors or if you live in a milder climate where temperatures don’t fall below freezing.

Keep in mind that most outdoor homes also come with removable door covers, which provide more insulation in the winter and ventilation during warmer months. Let’s take a look at which home might be best for your cat.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed

Best Electric

The best electric heated house is K&H PET PRODUCTS’ military green home. This bed comes with two clear, removable door flaps, a heated bed, and a 5.5-foot-long power cord. If your pet tracks in dirt or mud into their home, remove the bed cover and wash normally in the machine.

PETYELLA Heated Cat Houses For Outdoor Cats

Best Outdoor Cat House

The PETYELLA heated house is the best choice for outdoor cats. It includes a 13-foot-long power cord, heating timer, padded bottom, and heated mat. The cord is chew-proof to prevent your cat and other small animals from gnawing on the electric wire, while the bottom is waterproof to keep the house intact despite wet conditions.

Hollypet Triangle Cat Tent House

Best Self-warming Tent

Try this adorable, owl-print self-warming tent from Hollypet to keep your feline friend warm. The canvas cover is versatile for all seasons while the elastic foam filling provides a plush sleeping surface. This 12-inch-long, 12-inch-wide, and 16-inch-high tent is best for cats under 12 pounds.

Indoor and outdoor cats need a warm home or bed to keep them comfortable throughout the night in any season. Outdoor cats might need more protection from the cold, especially if they sleep in open areas like porches. In this case, choose an electric bed that warms up to cozy temperatures, but opt for self-warming, heated cat beds for indoor cats instead. With a new heated cat house, you’ll find that your pet is getting more quality sleep and snuggle time.

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