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The best large cat beds for long naps

Some cats are naturally larger and will need the right kind of cat bed to accommodate their size. Cat species like Siberians, Ragamuffins, and British Shorthairs will tend toward a naturally bigger size. Getting your cat the right size cat bed will ensure that they will sleep comfortably and that their muscles will not ache due to odd placements on their beds. This will ensure that your cat will stay agile and moving after a good night or good day’s rest.

Cats are very indulgent creatures. They live their lives finding the luxuries and comforts that make them feel at ease. If a cat does not like the cat bed that you got them, it may be because of a few factors. Some cat beds are more comfortable than others. The materials of the cat bed are also important to consider. Above all else, if they do not fit, they will not sit in it, so make sure that it can fit your cat comfortably.

MEOWFIA Eco-Friendly Cat Bed

Best Quality

The MEOWFIA Eco-Friendly Cat Bed is a cozy and warm eco-friendly cat bed. The cat bed is designed similarly to a cave with an opening at the perfect size for your cat to slip through. It is a large hideout that will feel nice to climb into and hide in. Since it is made of 100% merino wool, it is easy to clean as it naturally repels dirt and odors. There are no synthetic chemicals added to this cat bed, so you know that your cat is only being exposed to the soft wool that they sit in.

Miss Meow Convertible Cat Bed Cave

Best Style Selection

If you want your cat snoozing in style, the Miss Meow Convertible Cat Bed/Cave will give you many aesthetic choices. The bottom of the bed is thick and plush, so your cat will never sink to your floor. The high wall design makes this a safe and cozy place for your cat to fall asleep in. The soft PV fleece will gently brush up against your cat as they snore the day away. When you need to clean it, you can easily throw it into the washing machine and then let it air dry for more enjoyably sleepy nights with your kitten.


Most Affordable

If you want to get your cat a cozy and incognito place for them to sleep in without having to spend luxury prices on a good cat bed, the PETMAKER Cozy Kitty cat bed is a tentlike structure that gives your cat an enclosed space that they can rest in to feel safe and sound. The bottom is made of a comfort insert pillow to maximize coziness, and it can easily be removed to clean the cat bed more easily.

Your cat knows what is best for them, and their sleeping location is no exception. From comfort to bed design, there are many factors to take into account for your cat. At the end of the day, your cat will show you how grateful they are when you get the right bed. You can look over and have the satisfaction of them comfortably sleeping in their new bed.

Best cat car seats: 7 great options to keep your feline friend safe and comfy during drives
Pick one these car seats for your cat's safe ride
Cat in carrier in a car

Few cats like going for car rides. But it’s often a necessary evil. Whether you’re going up the road to the vet or across the country on vacation, sometimes you just have to take your cat in the car. To make your trip as pain-free as possible (for you and your kitty), you need the right car seat. Finding the best cat car seat for your vehicle is key to ensuring your kitty is comfy and safe for the entire trip. Here are our seven favorite car seats for a stress-free drive.

PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier
This carrier is great for transporting your cat in the car and out of it. It's made of a durable rubber mesh to prevent tearing. It has four access panels and three privacy settings, giving your cat free rein or full privacy. The zippers lock, too, so smart kitties can’t escape. There is a large pocket for storage, and it comes with seat belt loops for secure car travel. This cat car seat is available in three colors and two sizes, making it great for all cats and owners.

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The best liquid cat food brands your older cat is sure to love
Learn about some of the most popular brands of liquid cat food

As cats age, their dietary needs change, and your veterinarian may recommend switching to a liquid diet for cats. Whether they have a medical issue or simply can’t handle solid food anymore, a liquid diet can be essential to ensure you're meeting your cat’s nutritional needs.

But finding a healthy liquid cat food that your kitty will enjoy can be a challenge. Cats are finicky, especially about their food, so you may need to try an assortment before you find their fave. Here are some of the best liquid cat food varieties to test out with your cat.

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The best flea and tick collars for cats under $60 that actually work
Low-cost cat flea and tick collars that stop infestations
Orange cat scratching his neck on a lawn

Yes, lots of makers of flea and tick collars for cats claim to prevent and control these pests for you and your favorite feline, keeping him healthy by stopping flea infestations literally dead in their tracks. Of course, you also want to save a few bucks wherever you can. Is there a happy medium with these collars and maximum bang for your buck in effectiveness?

We're happy to report that yes, there are at least three awesome cat flea and tick collars, all for less than $60 each, that deliver on their promises, so both you and your cat are happy in a clean household. Below are some of the best cat flea and tick collars available. They use effective ingredients, are designed with your cat's safety in mind, don't have a greasy feel, and are made to keep up with your active outdoor cat. If you're shopping for new flea and tick protection for your cat, give these collars a look.

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