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The best lightweight cat litter for easier cleanup

Another great way to make sure your cat accepts a change in litter is to make sure you have the right amount. A 4-inch layer is recommended in most cases, but each cat has its own preference. If you put too little, odors develop quicker, and if you put too much your cat will sure make a mess or feel a bit wobbly and look for a new bathroom.

The best way to make sure your cat uses its litter box is to keep its favorite litter at optimal levels and perform a daily cleaning of lumps and droppings and a weekly deep clean to keep smells from impregnating the litter box. Check out our curated suggestions with the best lightweight litter to mask smells and keep your carrying effort to the minimum.

Arm & Hammer Lightweight Cat Litter

Best Dust Free

Give your cat the best experience and reduce odors considerably with the Arm & Hammer Lightweight Cat Litter, a 100% dust-free option that weighs less than half what regular litter weighs from the same brand. This type of litter has excellent clumping and a patented formula that destroys odors on contact.

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter

Best with Scent

For the cat parents that prefer a bit of fragrance to mask the smell, the Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter has the freshening scent of Glade’s Clear Spring and ammonia blockers to prevent odor from forming to begin with. It features low dust for an easy pour and lasts for at least two weeks before needing to be replaced.

Fresh Step Lightweight Cat Litter

Best Unscented

The Fresh Step Lightweight Cat Litter is the best option for those households that prefer unscented litter. This variety controls strong smells naturally with activated charcoal and offers up to 10 days of odor control. It also features strong clumping, which makes it easy to scoop, and the reduced weight makes carrying the new box and each replacement a breeze.

Improve the ambiance in your home, keep smells under control, and provide your cat with the best litter for its needs with this amazing collection of the best options out there. Your lower back and pocket will also thank you for the switch.