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The best litter box liners for quick and easy clean up

A litter box liner is a convenient tool to help you clean your litter box more often. It’s suitable for wrangling that pesky litter when you need to clean out the whole box and helps shave off time from a task that is not super fun. Our favorite litter box liners are easy to use and durable, offering reliable performance each time you clean your litter box.

A good litter box liner can help you keep those pesky spills at bay by ensuring your litter is contained all the way to disposal. It’s a useful tool to have and helps make litter cleanup a snap. If you struggle to change your litter correctly because of the hassle, our favorite litter box liners could be just the answer.

Fresh Step Drawstring Large Litter Box Liners

Most Durable

This litter box liner not only helps you wrangle the mess that litter makes, but it also helps remove odors with a gently scented construction. It resists tears even with enthusiastic diggers and draws up quickly with a simple drawstring option. It's a good choice for anyone who wants to contain litter and save time cleaning out the box, especially with nonclumping litters.

JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners, Jumbo, 5 Liners-Box

Best Value

The heavy-duty liners are a tear-resistant option. It features a simple design that helps wrangle all the litter as you clean. It's straightforward to use and cuts down on messy boxes with odors. The liners have a drawstring that helps you make cleaning your litter box a quick affair even with messier litters like nonclumping litters.

Van Ness Large Drawstring Valu-Pak Cat Pan Liners, 20 Count

Best Recycled Plastic

These large option drawstring liners prevent litter from spilling and ensure that you have enough depth to fit whatever size litter box you have. The liners are tear-resistant and make your one-step cleaning easier. They cut down on odor and tracking while helping you stay easier on the environment by using 65% recycled plastic. It offers a three-ply tear resistance.