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The best litter boxes for your cat

There are features that you may want to look out for to get the right kind of litter box for you. If you have a cat that likes to scratch or move around a lot, a litter box with high walls will keep the litter in and the mess away from your floor. There are some sifting litter boxes with sifting pans to clean the pans out more cleanly.

When your cat has a dedicated litter box, they will start going there instead of doing their business around the house. It contains all of the waste in one designated location, and your cat can easily find it and go to it when they need it. Some litter boxes will also make it easier for you to clean, from plastic that lets litter slide off easily to having notches for pan liners for easy bagging and trashing.

Petmate Arm & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan

Best Overall

The Petmate Arm & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan is the best pan for its durability, convenience, and design. The litter box comes with three pans: one sifting pan and two regular pans. The sifting pan will sift the litter quickly so that only the soiled litter gets left behind. The two regular pans mean that you can transfer the clean cat litter between the pans without having to worry about the litter going everywhere when you’re returning the sifting pan back on top of the regular pan.

Van Ness Litter Pan

Best Budget

Taking care of your cat already comes with a whole batch of expenses. Getting a quality litter box does not have to add another large expense. The Van Ness Litter Pan is a two-pack litter box for your cat. The wide base and high walls makes sure that your floors stay clean from any litter. Your cat can easily enter from any direction and do their business with ease. The pans are finished in gloss so that litter can easily slip off of the surface with no fuss.

IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box

Best for Messy Cats

If you have a messy cat that loves to kick up the litter, the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box will make sure that you will not find a piece of clay or litter on your floor. The top entry kitty litter box will also contain any sprays. The large entry at the top of the box will let you cat do their business, and they will stay on with the grooved lid giving them the ability to grip onto a surface. The box is rounded so that it stays easy to clean without any corners getting the litter stuck.

These are great litter boxes to check out and buy for your cat. Making sure that your cat has the proper items for their hygiene is important for their health and your safety, keeping it fresh and clean for your kitty with no stress for you.