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The best top entry litter boxes to reduce odor

Top entry cat litter boxes are just what they sound like. They allow your cat to enter through a hole in the lid, providing them with a spacious, secure, and contained area to do their business. These litter boxes provide cat owners with a lot of great benefits. They keep litter in the box instead of all over your floors. They also are great for containing spraying cats and their unpleasant excretions.

Caring for a cat can be a bit of work, especially if you don’t have the right litter box. Open litter boxes can’t protect your floor and walls against flying litter or spraying. One of the best litter box designs for your cat is a top entry cat litter box. Top entry cat litter boxes create a comfortable, enclosed space for your cat. They help keep the litter contained, so you don’t have to spend your free time sweeping and mopping the floors. These litter boxes are ideal for any cat owner.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Best With Scooper

This is a tall and wide litter box designed to give your cat ample room whenever they need to use the bathroom. This litter box is an oval shape and has a lid with a hole in it to allow your cat to have easy access. The lid on this box has ridges that are designed to collect any litter that may be stuck to your cat whenever they hop out of the box. This box will help keep the litter contained as well as any smells.

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Best Value

This is a large, rectangular litter box with a lid to help keep the litter inside. This product is large and durable to provide ample space and security for your cat during potty time. This litter box has a rectangular opening in the lid that allows your cat to comfortably hop in and out. The tall walls and lid will help keep litter inside, even with digging cats or cats who like to spray. It will also help keep any unpleasant smells locked inside until cleaning time.

AmazonBasics No-Mess Cat Litter Box

Best Textured Roof

The AmazonBasics No-Mess Cat Litter Box is an enclosed litter box that cats can enter through a hole in the lid. Its high walls help prevent litter from escaping. It will also help contain the smell and any spraying or digging cats. The textured lid can help collect any loose litter that may get stuck to your cat. It has a big opening and a removable top for quick cleaning. This top entry litter box is 20.1×15.4×15 inches.

Top entry cat litter boxes are the perfect solution to messy litter box areas. These top entry boxes keep the litter secured with high walls and a lid. There is no way for your cat to kick out litter or spray your walls with this great litter box. It is important to look for a top entry litter box that is large enough for your cat and features a textured lid to help catch any litter that may get stuck to your cat’s paws.