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Video: Cat discovers the office water cooler, hilarity ensues

This video of a cat drinking water makes us wish all offices were pet-friendly

Do you ever wish you could take your cat to work with you (even if all they want to do is sit on your keyboard)? Well, after this video about a cat drinking water, you’re really going to wish your office was pet-friendly.

Posted to both the r/AnimalsBeingGeniuses subreddit and the r/FunnyAnimals subreddit, this video features a cat who has learned how to work the office water cooler (we won’t lie: Our break room conversations would be a lot more fun if a cat were involved). This adorable cat stands on their tippy toes, just barely able to reach the nozzle, and then drinks to their heart’s content. The sound you don’t hear on the video, but absolutely hear in your head watching this cat drinking water? Mlem, mlem, mlem.

The internet, of course, found it both adorable and concerning.

Huge_Dentist7633 proclaimed, “Face it people, cats are brilliant.” Redditor TheMoistTeaBag, however, noted, “I find this very scary for some reason…”

And they weren’t alone, with many Redditors chiming in with predictions for what cats will learn to accomplish next. The guesses ranged from using can openers, freezers, and coffee machines to lethal drones and nukes. For our part, our money is on kitchen appliances and not world-ending weapons. While we don’t doubt that cats are smart enough to take over the world, it’d honestly probably end up being too much work for them — better to get us to do it and snack on that tuna instead.

As GreenLoctite joked about the video, “What? That water on the floor? No, not my problem. I was just drinking my water. You are the servant, get the mop.”

To be fair, the kitty did seem interested in lapping up the water from the water cooler’s tray, and someone did helpfully place a towel at the base of the cooler (leading us to believe that this is probably a routine trick for this cat).

Some were worried about kitty’s safety, with Wendellrw noting, “I hope the heater isn’t turned on for the hot water nozzle.” But Redditor CommonConfusables was quick to remind them: “Hot water nozzles usually have a safety feature that requires holding a button and then pulling the tab. It requires two hands or talented fingers.”

(Of course, we don’t really put anything past cats when they put their minds to something.)

Others just wished their cats were this committed to staying hydrated. “If my cats could actually drink this much water, I’d put a dispenser in every single room.” IllegallyBored lamented.

Cats need about ½ cup of water per five pounds of body weight daily (though this intake can be gotten through other means, such as wet cat food, which is typically 70-80% water). Still, if your cat isn’t getting enough water, they might be like the one in this video and prefer a running stream of water to a bowl — and there are certainly cat water fountains you can get to help your cat reach their water goals. (Or you can just invest in a water cooler, set up a camera, and enjoy.)

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