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There’s a subreddit dedicated to all the weird stuff cats do and we love it

It’s so much fun sharing our homes with cats. Whether chasing laser beams, swatting at flies, or chattering away while watching birds through the window, they frequently make us laugh out loud. And then there are those kitties whose strange antics leave us scratching our heads wondering what’s going on in those little minds. There’s an awesome subreddit channel devoted to weird stuff cats do, and we know you’re sure to love it as much as we do. Here’s a sampling of some of the weird cats featured on the site.

Yes, that is a potato 🙂 from CatsAreWeird

This gray kitty with those gorgeous brown eyes got caught in the act of carrying around a new toy. Apparently, she just grabbed a potato from the bag and started playing with it. While it’s weird and funny, it’s worth noting that a potato is definitely not the best toy for a kitty. According to an article in Catster magazine, eating raw or unripe potatoes can cause severe digestive upset and negatively affect the nervous system of cats and kittens.

Who else’s cat sits like this? from CatsAreWeird

Something has caught this tabby’s attention as she sits in this unusual position. According to an article in Metro newspaper about cats who enjoy sitting like humans, “There’s no actual scientific reason to explain why cats occasionally sit like this…” Likely, it’s because they find these funny poses to be comfortable.  Whatever the reason, it’s certainly entertaining for us.

Cats are weird: PROOF from CatsAreWeird

This precious kitty wouldn’t use her lovely new fleece-lined bed until her family supplied her with a cardboard box. While there are lots of reasons why cats love boxes, Purina experts say that the main one is because they enjoy being confined in enclosed spaces. Finding a place where they can “… hunt prey and feel safe and warm is an instinctive behavior for cats,” according to the pet food company.

I am bat, not cat from CatsAreWeird

How funny is this bat-like cat? Looks like he might be planning to pounce on some unsuspecting family member. In a Vox article on why our cats are so weird, veterinarian Tony Buffington explains that “Cats today retain many of the same instincts that allowed them to thrive in the wild for millions of years.” Buffington says, “This explains some of their seemingly strange behaviors: To them, our homes are their jungles.”

Liquid Kitty from CatsAreWeird

This beautiful orange tabby took on the shape of the glass container she’s relaxing in. How can she be comfortable squashed up like that? According to an article in The Mercury News, cats will often retreat to strange places to avoid conflict.  Their “hiding place” is often a cardboard box or a shelf, but it can be other odd places too. For example, bowls, bathroom sinks, or coffee mugs, and in this cat’s case, stretched out in what looks like an empty aquarium.

Now, it’s your turn. Does your feline friend have weird character traits? If so, be sure to snap a few shots and post them on Reddit. Other cat enthusiasts will surely enjoy viewing and commenting on your precious kitty’s odd behavior.

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