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3 great bunk beds for cats and small dogs that save you space

For multiple-pet homes, bunk beds for cats and dogs can be a serious lifesaver — and a space saver, too! They allow two cohabiting pets, whether canines or felines, to use the same space without crowding each other, even if that space is the coveted spot next to your bed. (Just don’t let them fight for the top bunk!)

These pet bunk beds are some of the best available, with positive reviews to boot. While you’re shopping, make sure to consider all your needs: safety features, style of structure, where you’ll put it … the combinations are endless, and there’s a bed perfect for every home. Maybe your pets’ perfect bed is on this list!

Petique Bedside Lounge Elevated Dog Bed, Zebra Vibes

  • Zebra accent adds a cool touch
  • Wheels make it easily portable
  • Lower bunk is enclosed, while the top bunk can be an extension of your bed

Let your fur babies’ wild sides loose with this zebra-accented dual-level dog bed by Petique. Both bunks have their own mattresses, so they can be used at the same time, though the bottom bunk is enclosed in its own apartment (with zip-up walls for adjustable coziness) while the top is just like an open, elevated pet bed.

Since this bunk bed comes on wheels, you can move it anywhere you need — even right next to your bed! By using the top bunk as an extension of your own bed, you’ll let your pets feel included while keeping all your bed space to yourself. (As it should be!)

Multi-Level Step System Buddy Dog Sofa

  • Carpeted stairs offer traction
  • Espresso finish goes with many home decor styles
  • Safety bolsters can be positioned as needed

This “buddy bunk” lets two of your beloved cats and dogs sleep right next to your bed, couch, or work chair without squeezing into one tiny bed. If you prefer, you can scoot this bunk into a corner to give your pets a more secure sleeping space or take advantage of its open design by placing it at the foot of your bed.

The carpeted stairs help your fur babies keep traction as they climb, though nothing beats the plush mattress at the very top. The bottom bunk is finished with the same carpeting as the stairs, though there’s plenty of space to add in your own pet bed for maximum comfort.

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Furlow Light Walnut Wood Dog House by Tucker Murphy Pet

  • Includes storage cubbies
  • Has anti-slip top surface
  • Features adorable clubhouse design

This double-level pet bed combines functional, space-saving, and cute all in one. Its attractive wood finish will look perfectly in place no matter where you put it, and your cuddly companions will love the versatility of this “dog” house — who says it’s only for dogs? — including a pet-accessible toy bin in the middle cubby.

The largest space features an enclosed apartment for your fur baby to nap the day away, while the smallest one has just enough space for brushes, leashes, and other tools (not accessible by your pet). Just lift the ramp/lid to open the compartment! When you’re not looking for toys or poop bags, the roof of the structure acts as a ramp for your kitties or pups to access the top bunk — traction pad included.

Whether you’re looking for something versatile, modern, or ultraplush, one of these bunk beds will make the perfect paradise for your pets. They’re spacious enough to allow each cat or dog their own personal bubble but small enough to fit nearly anywhere in your home.

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