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The best dog collars with tags attached under $30 you can get

Looking for a dog collar with a tag attached can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it doesn’t have to be tricky. Not with us here to help, anyway. Finding the perfect-size collar sure beats figuring out how to attach dog tags to a collar, especially when getting them secured can make for a tight fit.

These four accessories are some of the best personalized dog collars to meet every pup and owner’s needs, whether you’re teaching your pup to walk on a leash or just want a collar for everyday wear. You’ll have plenty of options to customize the collar, too, so don’t think you’ll have to settle for something boring.

GoTags Nylon Personalized Dog Collar

This super-customizable collar will ensure your pet stays both safe and stylish with a name and number embroidered directly on the fabric. This way, it’s nearly impossible to lose their identification. There’s no metal jingling sound to worry about, either, though this nylon collar still has a metal D ring to attach leashes to.

Some key features:

  • Durable yet comfortable nylon webbing material
  • Metal D ring for leash attachment
  • Five fabric and 14 thread colors to choose from
  • Side-release buckle for easy on and off
  • Personalize up to 25 characters for embroidery
  • Comes in four easily adjustable sizes

It’s got all the essentials with none of the bells and whistles to get in the way — perfect for a pet on the go!

Coastal Pet Products Personalized Martingale Dog Collar

If you and your pup have taken advantage of the benefits of martingale collars, this personalized accessory is just for you. With eight fabric colors and 10 thread colors to decide between, your dog won’t just be visible and secure — she’ll be looking her best, too!

Key characteristics of this product include:

  • Up to 24 characters of embroidered text
  • Five easily adjustable sizes to choose from
  • Metal D ring for leash attachment
  • Martingale features for easy, no-pull training

Whether you use this collar for training or as a solution for pups who like to pull on the leash, having your fur baby’s name sewn in makes identification even easier in case of an emergency.

ROAD iD The Rock Solid Personalized ID Tag Dog Collar, Rose Gold

With up to five lines of text engraved into this collar’s metal nameplate, your dog will have a form of ID that’s not going anywhere. You can include her name, address, and even two contact phone numbers on this personalized collar, though you don’t have to use all five lines of text.

Notable features include:

  • Durable and reflective nylon stitching to keep your pup visible
  • Up to five lines of engraved text
  • Comes in three easily adjustable sizes
  • Includes corrosion-free stainless steel D ring
  • Available in four collar colors

This collar and nameplate combo is also available with silver or black metal, so there’s something for every pup’s style!

GoTags Leather Personalized Dog Collar

If a leather collar is comfier on your dog’s neck, GoTags can personalize that, too. Once you pick from five different sizes, two tones of leather, and 15 embroidery colors (including two multicolor patterns), your pup’s look will be one in a million. This collar has all the same features as the others on this list, but it sports Italian leather instead of the commonly used nylon.

Notable characteristics of this product:

  • Made from full-grain Italian leather
  • Open-ended collar attaches just like a belt
  • Stainless steel buckle for easy adjustment and D ring for leashes
  • Personalize up to 25 characters of text
  • Dyed and burnished leather edges

With style, superior craftsmanship, and materials you can’t go wrong with, this leather collar is perfect for the high-end pup in your life.

Whatever type of collar you may be looking for, there’s a tag-free option out there for you. You can rest assured knowing your dog can’t lose his contact information, and you’ll love how sweet he looks in his new accessory. From martingale to leather and even engraved collars, you can find great style at a nice price just clicks away.

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