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These 5 dogs have more Instagram followers than you’ll ever get

Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot cuter. Whether you want a morning pick-me-up or are just looking to relax, some adorable pup pictures are exactly what the dogtor (get it?) ordered. Social media hosts superstar pups of all ages, breeds, and personalities, from the laziest pug to the craziest golden retriever.

These five dog Instagram accounts are everything you need for your daily dose of cuteness. Grab your phone, because you’re going to want to follow these dogs. Are you ready?


“Part bat, part pig, part alien. 100% cute.”

This fashionista is here to slay! Donatella the miniature French bulldog is one stylish city girl with real modeling experience. Yep, you read that right, she’s the real deal. This superstar has boatloads of sass and more outfits than we can count, and she rocks every single one of them.

You’ll love Donatella’s account if you follow other influencers or fashion lines. You can tell she’s extra to the core — her page is all glam and pink and oh-so-fabulous. She serves up a chic new look nearly every day, so you won’t be kept waiting either. A star has to know how to please her fans, after all! And there’s no doubt that Miss Donatella the Frenchie is the brightest star of all.


This sweet bully boy is breaking stereotypes one smile at a time. Baloo is a 2-year-old rescued American Staffordshire terrier and red heeler mix with a gorgeous, unique look you’ll never forget. He and his mom are huge advocates for “bully” breeds, including the American bulldog, the American pit bull terrier, and the cane corso, among many others.

In his impressive Instagram portfolio, you’ll find Baloo showing off his agility skills, extensive wardrobe, and signature bunnylike red ears. Each new post is a total surprise — from canine couture to travels to silly faces — so you never know what you’ll find next from Baloo! But one thing’s for sure: You’ll always be smiling.


This 6-year-old lady is spreading the smiles one cuddle after another. Sadie the golden retriever is playful, sweet, and oh-so-fluffy. She’s a pro in front of the camera and has kisses to spare, which is as true to her breed as she could be. The other golden retriever in her house is her beloved plushie, appropriately named Bestie, who often makes appearances in photos.

This AKC-certified golden girl is full of love, not only for her followers but for her little human brother as well. If you keep up with this family gal on Instagram, you’ll often find these two playing in the snow and napping together. So cute!


If you can’t get enough of those cozy winter vibes, this account will be a double win for you. The gorgeous photography, beautiful home, and natural color scheme complement the rugged beauty of the Husky Squad themselves: Tidus, Yuna, Kimahri, and Nikolai, the newest addition to the pack. You’ll be blown away by their modeling talent and stunning eyes, but if that doesn’t get you, their love for their human parents certainly will.

The Husky Squad are also behind the Kibble to Raw meal plan, which may interest you if you’re considering raw food for your pet — just don’t forget to consult your vet, too! Check out the huskies’ Instagram page to keep up with their treats, trends, and total cuteness.


You asked for adorable dog pictures, and now you’ve got ’em. Reagan the Labradoodle is a whole dose of cute on his own, but your heart will melt when you see him with his favorite people — his family’s foster kids! This pup’s family is a huge supporter of foster care and adoption, and who doesn’t love a dog with a cause?

Reagan’s best friend Little Buddy was officially adopted by the family a few years ago, so now they get to hang out all the time with their silly antics and their matching shirts. They go on all kinds of adventures together (with an adult and a camera not far behind) and continue to spread joy wherever they go. Give Reagan a follow!

These accounts are just a handful of the adorable pups who grace our Instagram feeds every day. From Great Danes to beagles and even Pumis, there are literally thousands of dog accounts just ready for you to follow. To find some of your new favorite famous pups, check out these popular hashtags: #dogsofinstagram, #adorabledogs, and #dogstagram.

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