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3 fantastic Father’s Day activities for dog dads so your pup can join the fun

Dog dads, it’s your time to shine! With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect moment to plan your special day — with your four-legged friend, of course. Since the weather is heating up, Father’s Day activities are a great excuse to get outside (which your dog will love, too), though quality time with your kids — whether human or canine — can be found just about anywhere.

These Father’s Day activities with dogs are just the right amount of adventure: You’ll get some sunshine and fresh air, but you won’t need to jump through hoops to do it. Whether you’re planning for yourself or the special dad in your life, you won’t go wrong with any of these fun ideas. Happy Father’s Day!

Two couples prepare a barbecue while a Golden Retriever watches on

Host a barbecue with your pooch

Nothing says summertime quite like a backyard barbecue. Gather your loved ones, whether they have two legs or four, and stock up your menu with Dad’s favorite foods. Meats, sides, veggies, maybe something to drink — just make sure not to season any meat you plan on sharing with your pup!

In an enclosed, outdoor space like the backyard, you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your dog at all times. Plus, Dad can have a drink if he wants! If you prefer a park setting or just don’t have a grill at home, make sure to bring a long leash so your pup can chill with you without getting into trouble or taking off.

Fido will love all the attention he’s getting from happy partygoers, and Dad will love having his favorite company in one place. Who doesn’t love catching up with family? Don’t forget the lawn games!

a man hugs and pets his beagle somewhere outside
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Dad-and-dog trip to the beer garden

For dads who appreciate a pint of craft ale, a trip to your local beer garden will do just the trick for a Father’s Day treat. The best part? Your pup can come, too! No beer for them, of course — just lots and lots of love.

Whether you surprise Dad with a small get-together, a formal tasting, or just a few hours for relaxing, a beer garden would be the perfect place. What could be better than enjoying the sunshine, some brew, and your beloved furry friend?

While plenty of businesses, both big and small, allow and love dogs, outdoor locations like beer gardens tend to be safe bets. When in doubt, give them a call before you go! You wouldn’t want to drive all the way there for nothing, especially on a special day like Father’s Day. Don’t forget to bring some water and snacks for your pup to enjoy while Dad quaffs a cold one!

a young man sits with his arm around his dog in front of a lake with their backs to the camera
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Plan a camping trip with Fido

If Dad needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a bigger adventure might be in order. Luckily, dogs make the perfect camping buddies, so Dad will never be alone in the great outdoors.

Since pups are so present and in the moment, they’ll help you enjoy nature to the fullest. They’ll explore little places you’d never think to look, and with their silly antics, you’ll be smiling the whole time. Whether the trip consists of hiking, fishing, or just relaxing under the stars, you can be sure your best furry friend will be right alongside you.

When camping with your dog, make sure to come prepared — for safety, ease, and fun. Puncture-proof hiking booties will preserve your dog’s paw pads, for example, but they look adorable, too. Other necessities to pack for a camping trip with your dog include:

  • Collapsible food and water bowls
  • Collar light for nighttime visibility
  • Food and water for your pet
  • A bed or mat for them to sleep on
  • Bags to pick up dog poop
  • Harness and leash for safety
  • Blankets, toys, or other comfort items

Before taking your canine companion hiking with you, it’s smart to double-check the rules of where you’re staying. If there are leash laws or any dangers to look out for, make sure you know about them. With a little preparation and research, though, you’ll have the time of your lives.

Fur babies aren’t always thought of when it comes to Father’s Day, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be included. They’re still your babies, after all! Plus, spending time with his dog is sure to make Dad smile, whatever they’re up to. Pups aren’t picky. They’ll love just being along for the ride. Whether Dad is looking for a low-key day or a weekend-long adventure, you’ve got plenty of pup-friendly activities to consider. Enjoy your weekend, dog dads!

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