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The best reflective gear for dog walks to keep your dog safe

Whether your workdays are long or the temperatures are prohibitive during the day, walking your dog at night might be the best alternative for both you and your furry best friend. Not to mention, a walk just before bedtime is a great way for your pup to relieve himself before you both retire.

But walking in the dark presents a few safety concerns that aren’t worries during the daylight hours, especially if you’re walking along neighborhood streets or sharing a walkway with cyclists. If walking your dog at night is a necessity, don’t head out the door without these highly visible items.

High-visibility reflective vest

Staying safe along roadways at night begins with both of you being visible to motorized vehicles. Since a driver will most likely see a human figure before the silhouette of a shorter animal, it makes sense for you to wear reflective gear on your torso.

That’s why we like this reflective vest two-pack from Sunta:

  • Not only are these reflective vests adjustable, but they’re also made of durable nylon fabric and plastic buckles to last a long time.
  • One size fits most, whether you’re a man, woman, or child.
  • And just in case a car carelessly splashes muddy water all over you, they’re completely washable, too.

Clip-on flashlight

Regardless of how well you know the route, falling into a hole or stumbling over an unforeseen obstruction could seriously injure you and your pet. And since it’s difficult to hold a flashlight and a leash at the same time, consider purchasing a hands-free flashlight, like this one from Innofox.

We like this model because:

  • It’s lightweight and clips to your reflective vest (or shirt, or pants, or hat).
  • It comes in a package of two, along with rechargeable batteries.
  • Reviews from joggers say they love it because it has four light modes with a beam that illuminates up to 10 feet.

LED dog collar and matching leash

Your nighttime safety gear isn’t complete until your pup is wearing reflective gear, too, especially since he’s not at driver eye level like you are. In our opinion, this LED collar-and-leash combo by Azuza is your best option. Here’s why:

  • This collar-and-leash set comes in different sizes (small, medium, and large) and colors (nine) and features a sewn-on reflective strip to make your pet visible at night.
  • The inside of the collar and leash handle are padded with neoprene, which will keep you and your pup comfortable.
  • D rings on the collar and leash let you attach identification tags and waste bags.
  • Reviewers say it’s lightweight and durable.

Health experts say that walking is one of the best forms of exercise for both humans and their canine companions. Not only does this activity help you both maintain a healthy weight, but it’s also good for reducing stress and anxiety as well as keeping joints and muscles working properly.

But do walk safely. Consult your doctor and veterinarian before beginning any type of exercise program. And if you must walk at night, make sure you take the proper safety precautions. Use sidewalks and low-traffic areas whenever possible. Walk facing traffic so you can react to what’s coming toward you. And make sure you and your pet are wearing reflective clothing. By doing so, you’ll both arrive home safely.

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