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Dog parents should be binge-watching Puppy Bowl on Hulu

If you’re a dog parent, you probably have fond memories of when your furry family member was just a puppy. If you’re missing that sweet, cuddly phase (but not all the work that goes into it), you should binge-watch Puppy Bowl on Hulu. Watching this six-episode series is a fantastic way to spend the day for anyone who loves their dog.

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About Puppy Bowl

You’ve probably heard about the annual Puppy Bowl, a darling alternative to football that airs on the Animal Planet channel during American football’s biggest game of the year. Teams of adoptable puppies square off in a pet-sized stadium in an effort to win the “Lumbarky” Super Bowl trophy, sponsored by There’s even a kitten halftime show.

The first Puppy Bowl debuted in 2005 and has aired every year since. Contestants, all from shelters across the country, “score” by dragging a toy over the goal line. The actual “game day” is shot in October over two days with as many as 21 cameras on the “field.” More than 500 shelter animals have found homes thanks to this event.

Why you should watch

Season 14 (six episodes) is a matchup between Team Ruff and Team Fluff, beginning with an introduction to the contestants and ending with the main event, Puppy Bowl XIV. Episodes include “Cute as Fluff,” “Countdown to Puppy Bowl,” “The Dog Bowl,” “Training Camp Confidential,” “Pre-Game Show,” and “Puppy Bowl XIV.”

On game day, you’ll meet Shirley, the rescue sloth/referee, who takes her time with the coin toss, and Jokgu the chicken, a season 12 America’s Got Talent contestant, who plays the national anthem on the piano. You’ll enjoy watching the gerbil mascots and rabbit cheerleaders, as well as the baby ducks and pigs that stop by for comic relief. By the end of the game, the field is strewn with dog toys and some of the contestants are taking a nap.

In addition to a whole lot of puppy dog cuteness, the series features behind-the-scenes stories leading up to game day. You’ll meet Kohl, a black Lab rescue who tries out for the college football team as a kickoff tee retriever. The “Countdown to Puppy Bowl” episode looks back at some of the Puppy Bowl’s best plays. And the “Training Camp Confidential” episode provides an in-depth look at each contestant and what it takes to be on the team.

The Puppy Bowl usually airs about four hours before February’s big football game. For those football fans in the crowd who are too busy with pregame preparations to watch puppies play, binge-watching this series now is the perfect solution. Fair warning: These puppies are C-U-T-E, and you’ll become extremely envious of the human referee who frequently finds himself in the middle of a puppy pileup. No matter whether you’re Team Fluff or Team Ruff, you won’t be disappointed with the game’s outcome. You may, however, feel a bit deprived when the season ends. Console yourself with a walk around the block with your own pet champion and take heart. Next year’s Puppy Bowl will be here before you know it.

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