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Why now is actually the perfect time to bring your golden retriever to the beach

When you think about beaches, it’s common to picture a joyful yet crowded shoreline packed with beachgoers of all ages enjoying the summer sun — but autumn can actually be the perfect time to bring your dog to the beach. Golden retrievers make the ideal beach companion with their friendly demeanor and fun-loving nature, especially on a warm fall day that’s just right for an adventure.

Here’s why you should absolutely visit the beach with your four-legged friend this autumn, and a few tips for how to make the most of your outing. With just a little planning and a go-with-the-flow attitude, you and your pup are in for a great day!

a golden retriever walks on the sand at the beach
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Fall makes great beach weather

Although summer is the most traditional time of year to visit the beach, the following fall months can be just as lovely. In fact, the slightly cooler weather might be ideal for pets and people who don’t like the heat or direct sunshine. Feet and paws won’t be scorched in the sand, which is especially helpful if your dog doesn’t like wearing protective shoes. We don’t blame them!

In many locales, autumn days have a wide range of temperatures from morning to night. This gives you plenty of options for choosing the best conditions for your beach trip. With the sun setting a little earlier, night owls can get their beach fix, too!

Beaches are less crowded in the fall

Because summer is the peak of beach season, you won’t find as many people visiting the same spots in the fall. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the only beachgoers around, but the smaller crowds will give you and your golden more room to run and play without worrying about sand flying into a stranger’s face.

Fewer people around also means a safer environment for your pup. There won’t be as many obstacles to run into or distractions to deter her from their mission: having fun with you! Smaller crowds also mean fewer other dogs for yours to potentially clash with, so this is a great time of year to visit the beach if your dog isn’t a fan of other canines.

Many beaches relax rules after Labor Day

After the first weekend in September, many beaches relax or even remove many of the rules they set in place for the summer. Your local beach that doesn’t normally allow dogs might let it slide this time of year, though you should always double-check with the posted rules and regulations before you go.

Other rules that might be lifted include leash restrictions, like leash length and wearing a leash at all. Some beaches allow tents, grills (be safe!), and other large structures only during nonpeak times of year, so this might be the perfect season to have a full-on beach day.

a golden retriever's side profile after they swim at the beach
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to keep your golden retriever safe on the beach

Beach safety is essential no matter what species you are, though you’ll have to take the responsibility of looking out for both your dog and yourself. Luckily, with the right gear and a little planning, you’ll know exactly how to have a seamless, perfect beach day.

  • Having the right leash and harness will make it super easy to secure your dog quickly and safely. Her harness should be sized and adjusted to fit them snugly — with just enough room to slip two fingers between the harness and her fur — while the leash should comply with all posted length rules.
  • Believe it or not, sun protection for your pup is just as important as it is for you! Ears and noses will benefit from a sunscreen meant for dogs, while paw balm can make great after-sun care for tired or dry paw pads. Dog shoes or booties are other effective options for protecting precious paws, though they’re not every dog’s favorite.
  • It’s never a bad idea to bring along a first-aid kit and some poop bags when you adventure with your pup. Don’t forget water and snacks for both of you, too!

Now that you know exactly what to bring and when to go to the beach, all that’s left to do is wait for the perfect day. Your golden is going to be so excited — adventure awaits!

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