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Dog gives up on his long walk, and we can totally relate

We get it: Walking can be hard, especially when you’d rather indulge in a nap. It seems this is just one more thing that humans and canines have in common, just as one stubborn Chow Chow showed New York City park-goers in a now-viral TikTok video.

Luckily, quick-thinking TikToker Coco was there to capture the precious moment. The New Yorker who goes by @coffeebeanzzzzzzz on the app — that’s seven z’s if you’re counting — had a front-row seat to this hilarious exchange between dog and owner, who clearly have two quite different ideas of what’s going on. Haven’t seen the video yet? Just search “dog gives up on walk” and go!

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The TikTok that started it all

On October 4, 2021, Coco took to TikTok to share an adorable clip of one floofy, stubborn dog. In the video, a gorgeous red Chow Chow can be seen refusing to walk through New York’s Central Park, lying on the ground on their stomach with their limbs sprawled out. The fluffball looks totally content to relax and enjoy the day, despite a couple of tugs and some prompting from their owner.

There are so many amazing details about this video, from the mixture of joy and embarrassment on the owner’s face to the stoic, unshakeable disposition of the dog. Plus, it’s worth noting that every single person who walks by during the video has a huge smile on their face. How could you not?

If you look closely, you’ll see that Coco wasn’t the only one filming the hilarious encounter, either. The couple sitting across the path are watching just as closely — and laughing just as hard. Another man can be seen stopping dead in his tracks to watch the lazy Chow Chow, while the owner, who is seen only briefly, looks equally entertained and embarrassed by his pup’s behavior.

Since being posted, the video has racked up over 10 million views and 800,000 likes, proving that parkgoers aren’t the only ones who find stubborn dogs adorably funny. The top comment, coincidentally written by another woman named CoCo, simply reads, “The dog said no,” to which the original poster agreed, “He decides when the walk is over.”

A scroll through the comments will uncover some pure internet gold: “My husband dragging me out of target,” wrote Mylove Isallyours. User mirvin made the video even more relatable when they chimed in, “Representation of people going back to work after working from home,” while dog mom Ellie admitted, “I surrendered and purchased a dog stroller. Bad human.”

Many other comments were quick to relate the pup’s behavior to their breed. A popular remark from user8825911047082 said, “Chow Chows are all the same stubborn as hell.”

“Just chow things. I got one of them, too…,” wrote jeyanna7, which leaves us wondering: Does this dog’s stubbornness truly come from their breed?

A Chow Chow puppy sleeps with his head in his paws

Stubborn or just tired?

A bit of time and research will show you that Chow Chows tend to have unusual, refined personalities. The American Kennel Club notes that this breed’s temperament is often compared to that of a cat, especially since they tend to groom themselves and act more aloof and independent than other dogs. These pups are not particularly eager to please, either, nor do they tend to care for attention or affection from strangers. Sound like the dog in the video?

Chow Chows are also known for their stubbornness and strong will. Combine that with their low energy levels, and you’ve got the perfect storm for a dog who may not want to walk. That’s why chow owners must be as strong-willed as their furry friend, though we admire this breed’s dedication to rest and self-care.

The only thing worse than carrying home a huge dog is knowing that you’ll probably have to do it again, so it’s extra important to work on training and motivating your chow as soon as you can — otherwise, the dog may start to think he’s in charge!

Still, it’s important to consider what your pup is trying to tell you by refusing to walk. Is he tired? Maybe next time try shortening your walk or not exercising as frequently. Could he be too warm? Try walking in the evening.

In the end, your Chow Chow may very well be like the woofer in this video: just plain ol’ stubborn. Perhaps he’d rather just be in bed (us, too!), or maybe he doesn’t like the direction you’re going. Whatever the reason, this breed isn’t known for excited, fast-paced walking anyway, so try not to stress if you end up missing a walk here or there.

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