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The internet is in love with this dog who wants to race his dad down a snowy hill

While some dogs are content to just curl up on the couch in a nice, cozy blanket in the wintertime, other pups just can’t resist getting outside to play in the freshly fallen snow. One dog in a video that was recently posted to the r/MadeMeSmile channel in Reddit proves that some animals take things a step further. The video shows a small dog racing their owner down a sledding hill to see who makes it to the bottom first.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the owner sitting on a tube-style sled, and his pup is standing right in front of him and proceeds to give the sled a tug to get things going. The dog then turns around and makes a break for it down the hill (which is pretty darn steep, if we might add) with the owner barreling down behind them on the tube.

Who wins the race?

The video is only 23 seconds long, and right from the get-go, it’s pretty clear that one of the parties involved didn’t stand a chance in terms of getting to the bottom first.

Check it out and see for yourself who wins.

Man. Can that little dog move, or what? It almost looked as if he was flying down the hill as opposed to running as fast as his legs could carry him.

Not surprisingly, Reddit users are delighted with the video and couldn’t resist gushing over it. NearProbation said, “Doggo is living the life. Love that one. Fast runner.” ThinkStatement56 noted that the clip is a breath of fresh air, saying, “This is so wholesome. I really love it!”

And one user, olderaccount, added, “I loved how he never looked back. After the initial tug, he was just balls out down the hill.”

a jack russell terrier wearing a harness walks alongside a person and looks up at them

Everybody loves Jack Russell Terriers

In addition to people loving this video simply for the pure joy it exudes, a whole other conversation got started surrounding Jack Russell Terriers and what a fun breed they are. Initially developed as sporting dogs for fox hunts, these small but mighty pups have plenty of spunk and are little balls of energy.

Seeing a Jack Russell having so much fun in the snow made one user’s day. KodaanUnstoppable said, “This will get lost but I just wanted to say thank you for this, I lost my Jack Russell at the beginning of the pandemic and this video bought back all of the memories. Thank you.”

BenEvader chimed in with, “My ex’s Jack Russell also loved to race us when we went sledding. Except she would furiously attack our shoes if the sled caught up with her. Didn’t even matter if you put her on your lap as you went down, she’d still go for the shoes as they’re technically ahead of her.”

And codemise joined in on the Jack Russell chat with, “Jack Russells, man. Mine gets extremely competitive if anything can run faster than him. He’s just a little fur rocket!”

Wherever the little guy in this video happens to live, we sure hope there’s a lot of snowy days this winter. It’s clear that this pup is in heaven when it comes to the white stuff.

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