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Shelter begs for an ‘angel’ to adopt dying dog to fill her final days with love

There are so many shelters across the United States that are full of dogs who want nothing more than a loving home and family to call their own. And while each and every one of them is deserving of that, one shelter in North Carolina is going above and beyond the call of duty to try and get one of their pups adopted.

The SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina posted an urgent message to their Facebook page on Tuesday in the hopes of finding an “angel” to adopt Joyanna, a dog who was surrendered to their shelter at 10 years old who is dying of terminal cancer. She has a mammary tumor the size of a volleyball, and sadly, the cancer has spread and surgery is not an option. The poor pup is also battling heartworms. If her condition isn’t bad enough, the staff at the shelter explained in the post, “We learned Joyanna has spent her whole life outside, and she wasn’t given much attention.”

All they want is for this sweet dog to experience love and comfort in her final days. They went on to say, “We don’t know exactly how long she has, whether it’s days or weeks or longer, but we believe she shouldn’t have to spend her last days in a shelter. She deserves to spend this time in a warm home surrounded by the love of a family. Somewhere she can be held, spoiled, and feel safe.”

Cue. The. Tears.

You can read the entire post from the SPCA below.

Not surprisingly, there’s been an outpouring of love and support for Joyanna. Commenters on the post are sending well wishes and prayers that she winds up in a loving home, and plenty of people are sharing the post to their own social media feeds in the hopes that it will land in front of someone who is able to take this precious dog in.

As focused as the shelter is on finding Joyanna a home in which to spend her final days on this earth, they understand that there are plenty of people who want to help but aren’t in a position to be able to adopt a dog right now. As part of their end-of-the-year fundraiser, all donations made to the SPCA will be triple matched. This is a wonderful way to give back to help ensure that this wonderful organization is able to help as many animals as possible going forward.

Hopefully, they’ll post an update letting everyone know whether this sweet girl found someone to shower her with love and affection during her last days on this earth. Every dog deserves a chance at a happy, safe life, no matter how short the rest of their time might be.

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