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3 escape-proof dog crates under $500 for your furry little Houdini

Your dog’s crate is meant to be a place of safety and rest, but no one can feel at ease when their pup keeps escaping. If you have a little Houdini at home, a wire crate just won’t cut it. Dedicated chewers can wreck the bars of a normal crate, and stronger pups have been known to take their cages apart. Aside from training and positive reinforcement, a heavy-duty, escape-proof dog cage may help your escape artist stay secure and safe while you’re out and about. Addressing the reasons behind your dog’s tendency to flee will ultimately be your best bet, but these three escape-proof dog crates will make a huge difference as well.

ProSelect Empire Cage

The bars of this reinforced crate are crafted with 20-gauge steel, so chewers won’t stand a chance. These bars aren’t thick enough to make the cage feel enclosed, but neither are they far enough apart where paws can sneak through. Although the materials are heavy for ultimate protection, you can move this crate easily thanks to attachable wheels for easy rolling. However, you may choose not to use the wheels at all, even though they lock, in favor of more stability.

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In Amazon reviews, pet parents rave over the durability of the bars as well as the dog-deterring latch — your pup can’t open this door! Many users also compliment the strength of the wheels and stability of the structure.

Why we like it:

  • 20-gauge steel cage holds up well against teeth and paws
  • Bar placement keeps paws inside without constricting views
  • Lockable wheels for easy mobility

Smonter Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage

If you’re looking for a strong yet attractive crate for your home, this is it! Chewers will be deterred by the Y-shaped steel bars of this heavy-duty crate, as they don’t leave enough room for a snout to fit through. Plus, they’re quite fancy! If your pup does try to chew or lick these bars, he won’t be harmed by any toxic paint or metal finish — there are no chemicals here.

As Amazon’s Choice for “escape-proof dog crate,” it offers several unique features to enjoy. This crate differs from others with its top-opening door, which lets you interact with your pet without having to take him out of the cage. This also may help apprehensive pups get used to the crate.

Why we like it:

  • Y-shaped steel bars deter chewing
  • Made with non-toxic finishes
  • Top-opening door encourages human and pet interaction

Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Crate

From a brand pet parents know and love, the Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Dog Crate provides high-quality, 22-gauge steel bars in a simple design that fits in any home. All joints and corners are welded for extra durability, and the rustproof hammer-tone coating provides an extra layer of protection.

This cage features two locks on its one door to prevent talented pups from escaping. All hinges, locks, and screws are positioned away from any prying paws, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe and sound.

Be warned, pet parents, this product does weigh over 100 pounds and does require some assembly. So, it’s best to work with at least one other person when putting together something as heavy as a reinforced steel cage. Safety first!

Why we like it:

  • 22-gauge steel holds up well against teeth and paws
  • Joints and corners are welded for extra durability
  • Dual locks offer extra protection against escape

You can’t go wrong with any of these heavy-duty, escape-proof dog crates, especially when safety is a top concern. As long as you’re purchasing a high-quality cage, your strong-willed pup shouldn’t stand a chance of getting loose. Of course, simply purchasing a new cage won’t solve any behavioral issues, so it’s important to address the emotions behind the chewing, aggression, and escape. But with some time and TLC, any crate-hesitant pup can thrive!

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