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Video of shelter dogs picking out Christmas gifts is the holiday cheer we all need

We can't get enough of this video of shelter dogs choosing presents

There are so many pups all over the world who will be spending Christmas in shelters instead of in loving homes where they belong. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give them a little holiday cheer. One incredible organization from across the pond, Dogs Trust Ireland, wanted to make sure that the holiday season was extra special for the shelter dogs in its care.

Dogs Trust Ireland is the country’s largest dog welfare charity, and the staff commits itself to rescuing, rehoming, and rehabilitating dogs. According to the website, it currently has 137 adoptable pups looking for their forever families.

When you see what they did for the sweet animals in its care last Christmas, you just might need to grab the tissue box. Get a load of this video, where the staff set out Christmas gifts for the dogs to choose from, and each pup got their turn to pick out what they liked best. They call it “Santa Paws Day.”

It’s #SantaPawsDay – the day all our dogs get to pick their Christmas gift! Sadly, we couldn’t fit them all in, but we hope the pure joy of the ones we did makes you smile!
To all our supporters and everyone who sent a gift, thank you! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas! ?

— Dogs Trust Ireland (@DogsTrust_IE) December 21, 2021

Could this be any more heartwarming? Seeing those pups run into the room with excitement, bouncing from toy to toy to find the perfect one is the dose of holiday cheer we all need right now. (How precious was Chase, all happy with his tongue hanging out? OMG.)

It’s no surprise that the video has over 3.4 million views and counting, and not surprisingly, Twitter users can’t get enough of it. Here are a few of their reactions.

Commenter @judee said, “It’s so lovely that they get to choose their toys!” @TheGer85305145 replied with, “I love this! Thank you for sharing! Such happy dogs,” while @DoBetterDD chimed in with, “Pure joy. Thanks for all your hard work in 2021.”

But it’s perhaps this reply from @bluredfrank that sums up how we’re all feeling about it:

— Flank. (@blurredfrank) December 21, 2021

How you can help give shelter dogs Christmas gifts

Dogs Trust Ireland offers plenty of different ways that people can support the cause and these animals, from fundraising to volunteering to corporate sponsorship. And based on this video and how many gifts supporters sent in last year, it’s clear that plenty of people are passionate about the mission, too.

No matter where you live, this is the perfect time of year to think about giving back and helping local shelters in your area. Whether it’s volunteering to walk the dogs, donating toys, food, and supplies, or giving a monetary donation, no amount of help is too little. You can find local pet charities in your area here. While it’s upsetting to think about how many animals are still waiting to be adopted, there’s comfort in knowing there are so many good people out there who are doing their part to make a difference in their lives.

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