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6 amazing Star Wars-inspired finds for your dog you can get now

The Force is certainly with you, but is it with your pup? Now, it can be! Star Wars gear for dogs has all the safety and design features of the pet accessories you know and love but with an extra flair of intergalactic movie magic. Whether you prefer the First Order or the Rebel Alliance, there’s something here for you!

Star Wars The Mandalorian’s The Child “Cutest Bounty” Reversible Dog & Cat Bandana

  • Reversible design offers two different looks
  • Easy-to-use fasteners
  • Available in two sizes

If your fur baby is indeed the cutest bounty in all galaxies, he needs this bandana to show it. With two adorable designs to choose from — an anime-esque Baby Yoda on one side of the bandana and a black-and-rainbow pattern on the other — you’ll have a new accessory for every occasion.

Unlike regular bandanas, this one is made especially for pets. Just loop the bandana around your dog’s neck and attach the Velcro straps in the front — easy!

The Child Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Black Patterned

  • Available in two sizes
  • Machine-washable on delicate cycle
  • Made of polyfill and cotton for a soft surface

Now, your beloved pup can lounge in style as she dreams of galaxies far, far away. This bolstered dog bed gives your buddy a place to rest her head as well as plenty of room to stretch out or curl up — there’s even a second size to choose from!

The cushioning on this bed is made of polyfill and cotton, so your dog will stay comfy all night long. With the fun Star Wars–patterned fabric and bright-green trim, it’ll be a stylish addition to any home.

Chewbacca Flat Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

  • Stuffed with four squeakers and crinkle paper
  • Good for fetch or tug-of-war
  • Stuffing-free

Whether your dog prefers fetch, tug-of-war, or playing with something noisy, this toy can do it all. Plus, it’s adorable and looks like your favorite Wookie!

With four squeakers and lots of crinkle paper stuffed inside this flat plushy toy, your pup will have no trouble playing the day away. Since it’s shaped like a Frisbee, you can toss it, too; there are endless ways to play with this animated version of Chewbacca.

Buckle-Down Star Wars Baby Yoda the Child Chibi Face Protect Attack Polyester Dog Collar

  • Available in six sizes
  • Buckle is easy to use
  • Made in the U.S.

Protect, attack, snack: If that sounds like your dog’s Star Wars persona, this collar will fit more than just her neck, it’ll fit her personality, too! The high-density polyester is both durable and adorable, featuring a chibi animated Baby Yoda next to the words “PROTECT, ATTACK, SNACK” in bold white text.

This collar fastens by using a buckle that works exactly like your car’s seat belt: Press the center button to release. There also are six sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right one. Now, your pup can carry a bit of her style wherever she goes.

Fetch For Pets Star Wars Darth Vader Basic Dog Harness

  • Available in three sizes
  • Comes with a Darth Vader cape
  • Made with durable polyester fabric

Some dogs are more the Darth Vader type — we get it! Now, everyone else can appreciate the power (and cuteness) of the dark side when they see your pup in her Darth Vader harness, complete with a cape. Yep, a real cape!

There’s still a double D ring to attach your dog’s leash to, so it’s both adorable and safe! This standard polyester harness works the same way other standard harnesses do, so there’s nothing new to learn on your end. Just a few straps to adjust!

Fetch for Pets Star Wars Yoda Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

  • Good for light to medium chewers
  • Contains a squeaker
  • Available in two sizes

For pups who love plushies, this Yoda toy will be more treasured than the missing map to Luke Skywalker. Breeds of all sizes will be able to carry around their new friend thanks to his large size (9 by 8 inches, though there’s a 6-inch size to choose from as well) and long limbs that are perfect for holding onto. Cotton and polyester materials are totally safe for playtime, too. There’s even a squeaker hidden inside!

With these galactic goodies, your dog will have a blast. Each accessory or toy is from Chewy — a top-tier company that’s known for the excellence of their pet products and customer service, so you know you’re shopping from the best!

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