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The best chew toys for puppies teething

If you do not have the proper chew toys for your puppy’s teething, it can cause more problems than it is worth. If your puppy is teething, they will try and find any way to relieve themselves of the anxiety and pain that are associated with their teeth growing in. They will find anything to relieve themselves with, like chair legs, curtains, and shoes. It can also cause them to develop anxious habits that can become more destructive later on.

Chew toys can come in different forms. Most toys are reusable and can be used throughout the entire teething process. Some toys come in bundles so that the toy can fit the puppy’s tooth development because some toys may not be suitable for dogs that do not fit the exact toy’s size. Chew toys give your dog a safe outlet to chew out their pain while giving you the peace of mind that your furniture and shoes will be left alone.

Nylabone Stuffable Chew Toy

Best Overall

The great Nylabone Stuffable Chew Toy is a great toy for any puppy that is starting to teethe. This chew toy can come in different flavors. The small bumps and nodes on the ball promote tooth health and will be an interesting texture for your dog to chew on. The ball is very bouncy, so it will respond to your dog’s movements and will unpredictably run around your home. If you would like, you can also fill the toy with your own treat so that your dog can work toward a tasty goal while playing and teething.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Variety Toy Pack

Best for Multiple Pets

The Nylabone Puppy Chew Variety Toy Pack gives you two great benefits in just one pack. There are three different chew toys that your dog can choose from. If you have multiple dogs, this makes it easy for each of them to start chewing on so you do not have to worry about buying each of your dogs their own chew toy. The bumpy pink chewing bone helps at the beginning of teething specifically. Each toy is flavored so your dog will enjoy chewing on these bones for many reasons.

N-Bone Teething Ring Chicken Chew Treat

Best Edible

If you worry about your dogs playing around with just toys and want an alternative that can let your dog eat their chew toys, there is no better option than a pack of N-Bone Teething Ring Chicken Chew Treats. These puppy teething rings will satisfy your dog’s need to teethe and chew. The unique shape makes it perfect for alleviating discomfort by massaging puppy gums while they enjoy the delicious treat. The texture is pliable but not frail, so it can withstand your dog’s constant chewing without breaking too quickly. The chicken flavor will keep your dog glued on these teething rings.

When your puppy is going through their teething period, it can be painful to see them in pain too. Help them out by getting the right kind of chew toys for your puppy’s teething, and you will instantly see their mood go up and their stresses go down.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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