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The best dog brushes for long-haired dogs

Having a dog will make your life more fun but your home messier. It is an accepted tradeoff that all dog owners understand. Just because you’ve accepted this fate, however, doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the mess. Dog brushes are a great way to reduce the fluff in your home. If you have a long-haired pup, you know they shed relentlessly. It’s not their fault, but you don’t have to keep dealing with daily cleaning to try to maintain the shedding. Getting a brush designed specifically for long-haired dogs will help reduce shedding. Your home can survive a few extra days without cleaning and your dog will love the daily pampering they get from their new brush.

Brushing your dog is a must, especially long-haired breeds. Long-haired dogs are known to be shedders so it’s important that you groom them regularly. It is important to have a good, sturdy brush to get the job done. A brush designed for long-haired fluff will help you collect more hair and reduce the amount that ends up on your floor or stuck to your furniture. Your dog will love the added attention and the relaxing brushing. Ensure you get a brush that grooms well, is sturdy and solid, and feels great against your pup’s skin. A good brush will allow you to enjoy more playtime with your dog and less scrambling to clean up their hair.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Easiest to Clean

This tool is designed to get that stubborn undercoat hair that most other brushes can’t reach. Although the teeth on this brush are pointed, they will never cut or scratch your dog’s skin. This tool helps remove dead and loose fur and features a comfortable handle that’s easy to grip.

RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs

Most Gentle

This tool features 17 teeth that will pull up the undercoat easily, even for the most matted furry friends. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip and your dog will love how comfortable this brush feels against their fur and skin.

Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Tool

Best Dual Head

This brush has two sides for grooming both the topcoat and the undercoat. One side features nine teeth for easy topcoat brushing. The 17 teeth on the other side allow you to pull up your dog’s undercoat quickly and easily.

A dog can truly be your best friend, so you want to make sure you take care of them well. Regular grooming is a must for any furry friend. It helps reduce shedding and makes them feel more comfortable. If you have a long-haired dog, you understand that their shedding is never ending and can leave a constant furry mess all over your house. The best way to reduce shedding is with a good brush. Brushes designed for long-haired dogs are made to pull away ample hair so it doesn’t end up on your floor.

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