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The best dog brushes for short-haired dogs

Short-coated dog breeds have short, thin hairs that lie smooth against their bodies. Just because these dogs have short hair, however, doesn’t mean they don’t shed. They need a brush designed for their short coats. The bristles on brushes for short-haired dogs are typically short and thin so they can easily get into the fur and comb out dead hair. It is important to look for a brush that is easy to clean and has fine teeth. Some brushes these days even come in glove form, making it easy to groom dogs who don’t like being brushed. Regardless of what style brush you get, it is important that it is designed for your short-haired pup. It will ensure an effective grooming session and less hair in your home.

When it comes to taking care of your dog, grooming is a big aspect. It is sometimes a daily activity for dogs that shed a lot. It is important to have the right grooming tools for your breed’s specific coat. Short-haired breeds need short, thin bristle brushes to ensure a good, efficient grooming session. It is the only way to keep them from excessively shedding around your home. A good short-haired dog brush is the perfect way to keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean. Luckily, with a good brush and a daily brushing session, you can keep your home clean and your dog happily groomed.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Easiest to Clean

This tool is easy to clean and can work on dogs and cats. This brush features a cleaning button that pushes hair up when pressed. It also features a comfortable handle that allows you to grip it easily and firmly.

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Best With Fine Teeth

This brush has super thin and short bristles that are gentle on your pet. The bristle blade is made of stainless-steel to ensure strength and long-lasting durability. This brush comes in a light blue color.

H HANDSON Pet Grooming Gloves

Best Glove Brush

This tool lets you brush your pet without them even knowing. Each package comes with one left-hand glove and one right-hand glove for double the grooming. The gloves are rubber and have small bristles.

Dogs are beyond loveable and cute. Something less loveable and cute, however, is their excessive shedding. No matter what season it is, they always seem to have endless hair to distribute around your home. Luckily, a quick and easy fix to your pup’s shedding problems is a brush. Short-haired breeds need a brush designed just for them. It will ensure that you are getting all of the dead hair out from their coat. A good, sturdy short-haired brush will ensure an effective, easy grooming session and, ultimately, less hair all over your home.

5 safe and fun adventures you can plan with your small dog
Your small dog can do just as much as a big one if you follow these tips
Cute small dog stands in front of a blurred background

As a small dog owner, you might gaze longingly at the humans who can play endless games of fetch with their shepherds and go for 5-hour walks accompanied by their collies. But you can have all sorts of good times with your little guy. Don't let their size stop you from planning outings together. While, of course, you'll need to work within your beastie's physical constraints, there are lots of things you can do while accommodating their diminutive size.

Hang at the dog park
This is the pastime of many dogs, both large and small. Don't stay away from the park just because your bud can't race around for hours on end. Many parks now specifically set aside sections for small breeds. Take your pup there to find friends of a similar size. If you want to foray into the big dog section (or there isn't an area available for your pup), you can always ask the group if the dogs in there are friendly to their little cousins.
Go for hikes
While it might take a little preparation (and possibly a dog sling), your tiny Fido can enjoy hiking, too. You should work up to this by doing a little bit more each day or each week until they're ready to strike out for a longer adventure. Also, be sure to prep with necessary accouterments, such as water, treats, possibly a dog carrier, and mushers wax if it's winter.
Travel together
One of the biggest benefits of having a little dog is they can go on planes and trains. If your pooch seems to enjoy exploring new places, take them with you on vacation. The fees to travel by air can be a little high and there are some rules (you need them to lie down quietly under the seat for the duration of the flight). But for many doggies, they prefer the flight to staying behind with a sitter.

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Consider these big dog breeds if you're an apartment dweller
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When you think about an apartment-dwelling dog, you likely think of a toy or small breed. Chihuahuas, French bulldogs, Maltese, and Pomeranians are often seen walking out of high-rises and suburban rentals. There are valid reasons for this stereotype. Unlike big dog breeds, smaller pups typically don’t need as much exercise (physical activity is important for dogs, regardless of their size, though). Practically, smaller dogs take up less room.

However, don’t count out a larger dog if you live in an apartment. With the right situation, some big dog breeds may even be better roommates in an apartment than their smaller peers. Before welcoming a larger dog into your smaller space, here’s what to know.

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Pamper your pooch with the best dog Valentine’s Day activities
Dog pampering, adventures, and more: The best Valentine's Day activities for pups
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Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Whether you’re single or with someone special, let’s share a secret between friends: Your dog is your main squeeze. Your pooch’s unconditional love and snuggles have helped you get through challenging times, and their one-of-a-kind personality has improved your brightest days.

Showering your dog with love on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. However, what should you do for the dog that has given you everything and so much more? Even these days — where news of shortages dominates the headlines — there are so many dog Valentine’s Day activities you and your furry best friend can enjoy this year. Choose one, or consider ditching work and treating your pup to a day of dog pampering and memories.

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