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The best dog crate mats for creating your pup’s comfortable napping space

Although dog crate mats are great, you need to be careful about what kinds to get for your dog. Some plush ones may not work with dogs that just want to tear up another stuffed pillow or plush item. Others may dislike the feeling of waterproof fabrics. If your dog crate is metal, you may want to find mats that are thick and insulated so that the feeling of the metal underneath does not travel through the mat.

Dog crate mats come in all different shapes, sizes, and functionalities, so look into what the perfect dog crate mat is for you. A waterproof mat for dog crates helps with cleanup and any spills or slobbers that could accumulate inside of the crate. If you think that waterproof mats may be uncomfortable, a washable dog crate mat will make it easy for any cleanup after the fact. You can also look for the best materials that will complement your dog’s needs.

Midwest Homes For Pets Pet Bed

Best Plush

The Midwest Homes For Pets Pet Bed is a deluxe dog bed that will fit right into your dog’s crate. The plush dog bed is made of cozy synthetic fibers that set up a comfortable spot for your dog to lie down in. The swirled ombre design makes for an interesting pattern that will fit into many modern home aesthetics. The dog crate bed is machine-washable, so you can conveniently clean it up when it gets dirty.

Hero Dog Crate Pad

Best Anti-Slip

If your dog is prone to running around and moving, the Hero Dog Crate Pad will make sure that it sticks right to the bottom of the crate. The mat has a non-skid bottom that prevents any movement. It is also designed to be orthopedic and is stuffed with durable, plush fleece. Your dog’s back will be supported by the thick padding. The cover is shed- and pill-resistant.

Gorilla Grip Bed Mat for Dogs

Best Absorbent

The Gorilla Grip Bed Mat for Dogs is perfect if you need something absorbent because of your puppy’s needs. The four-layer design has a soft, cotton-blend, quilted top layer; a slip-resistant backing; and two inner layers of leak-proof padding. The pad offers a lot of coverage for your dog crate, and liquids are dispersed in the layers so that you do not get thick trouble spots.

Keep your dog comfortable when they are in their crate with the perfect dog crate mat. You can keep them cozy with a plush and soft dog bed, or you can find something more supportive if your dogs are older or have bone problems. You can see your dog sleeping soundly when they rest their body on their very own dog crate mat.