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The best dog crates for medium dogs to ensure adequate pet training

Senior dogs need as much care and consideration as puppies. With a medium-sized crate for dogs, you can create a den-like safe space for your furry friend.. Travel crates for medium dogs also make it easier to transport your pet due to vet appointments, traveling, and other arrangements.

Housebreaking is easier with a crate to help train your pooch. Dogs are naturally clean pets who like to keep their area mess-free. With a medium-sized crate for dogs, you can help Fido strengthen his bladder and bowel muscles to lessen accidents indoors and aid in potty training. Check out our list of favorites.

Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Best Overall

Create a comfortable area for your pet to enjoy privacy with the Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate. With superior ventilation and visibility, these durable portable folding crates are made from heavy-duty materials that are easy to assemble. With four roller feet and a slide bolt, this crate for mid-sized dogs is easy to transport or use inside your home.

AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate

Best Secured

With a single-door design for front entry, the AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate features two slide-bolt door latches for superior safety and security. Sturdy metal construction features a versatile design that folds flat for easy storage and maximum portability. Recommended for medium-sized breeds between 26 and 75 pounds, this metal wire crate serves your dog from the puppy stage to adulthood.

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

Best Two-Door Crate

For maximum versatility, the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate features two doors for easy access. If your dog is between 26 and 40 pounds, this easy-to-use crate is quickly assembled and folds flat when not in use. Built to last, this convenient crate is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Combine the crate’s two-door design with access to the patio so your pup feels like they can be outside and indoors at the same time.

Training your pooch starts by creating a sense of personal space. With a crate that is just the right size for your medium breed, you can put an end to your dog’s barking, chewing, and anxiety. Leave the house feeling confident that your dog will behave and feel relaxed while you’re out. The crates on our list are perfect for medium-sized pups to enjoy their own den.

Is a puppy playpen better than a crate? Here’s what to consider before you buy one for your dog
a beige akita puppy stands on their back legs inside a pink wire playpen

Keeping your fur baby out of trouble around the house can be trickier than you might think. Tiny dogs can make big messes! Crates and playpens are just two ways pet parents keep their puppies safe and teach them where to sleep, play, and use the restroom; but these two helpful tools actually have quite different purposes. At first glance, however, crates look awfully small and more enclosed compared with pens. This may leave many pet owners wondering: Is a puppy playpen better than a crate?

Spoiler alert: Nope! While a plastic dog playpen leaves room for pups to run around and play, a canine-specific crate certainly has its time and place. But what’s the difference between a crate and a playpen for your puppy?

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How to stop a dog from peeing in their crate for good in 5 easy-to-follow steps
a brown puppy lies in their crate on a blanket with their head resting on their crossed paws

As pet parents, we’d like to think that we have every solution for behavior issues, like how to stop a dog from peeing in his crate. Your buddy can’t exactly tell you why he pees in his crate when you’re not home, though, and you can't always catch them in the act--so it can be tricky!
Luckily, with a keen eye and a few trial runs, you’ll figure out the problem in no time. You can always enlist your family, vet, or local doggie daycare to keep an eye out, too, but it’s up to you to make the necessary changes if your dog pees in his crate. Anything from a more consistent routine to a new treat-dispensing toy could be the difference between cleaning up a puddle or coming home to a happy pup.
Here’s how to stop your dog from peeing in his crate.

First, rule out medical issues as a cause for crate incontinence
Before anything else, it’s important to make sure your fur baby is in good health, so you should book a visit to your vet. Many medical issues could cause a dog to lose control of their bladder, not all of which are obvious or even noticeable. Dogs are notorious for hiding their discomfort, after all.
A few reasons your dog might not be able to hold it include:

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Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed every single night
A woman snuggles with her dog in bed

When you think about your dog sleeping in your bed, how do you imagine it? Many pet parents can picture their beloved pet sprawled out across the entire bed while they themselves toss and turn for most of the night, but is that truly the reality of co-sleeping with a fur baby?
It can be hard to predict—every pet has their own personality and sleeping habits—but what scientists and behaviorists have found so far may surprise you. Not only do dogs provide comfort and warmth for their sleepy owners, but they tend not to disrupt sleep, either. It may seem too good to be true, but these are the reasons why you totally should let your pet sleep in your bed every single night...or at least try it out. Trust us, they’ll love it, too!

It can be comforting to have a dog sleeping in your bed
Just think about how your pup lights up your waking hours with their goofy antics and endless love. Why not bring that sweetness into your nighttime routine too? Spending time with your fur baby can be a comforting and rewarding way to end your evening on a happy (and adorable) note, though people suffering from anxiety and depression may find even more benefits.
As Dr. Raj Dasgupta, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, explained to CNN, "People with depression or anxiety may benefit from having their pet in the bed because the pet is a big pillow, a big blanket, and they may feel that snuggly, cuddly, furry creature decreases their anxiety.” Big fluffy blanket? Yes, please!

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