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The best male dog diapers to aid with your pet’s accidents

You’re frustrated from finding pee marking all over your home as your stubborn male dog urinates on couches, carpet, and more. Luckily, a dog diaper for male use is an easy switch to prevent territory marking, excited urination, and even incontinence. We’ve reviewed numerous diaper brands and analyzed what makes an effective, absorbent, and easy-to-use diaper. Here are our findings to help you choose.

Reusable male dog diapers aren’t like the typical pull-ups you see on toddlers or female dogs, which are usuallybelly bands that wrap around your dog’s midsection and private parts, fastened by Velcro patches. Disposable male dog diapers, however, are usually fastened with materials more akin to adult diapers. Washable male dog diapers save you money in the long run and are more eco-friendly, but if your dog just needs a handful of diapers during a surgery recovery period, disposable products might be best. Let’s look over our picks and see which works for you.

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

Best Value Pack

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap come in a 30-pack available in extra-small, small, medium, or large sizes. For reference, the medium size wraps around dogs with waist sizes from 18 to 23.5 inches. The yellow strip on the diaper turns blue when wet, indicating your pup needs a fresh wrap. Hair-resistant fasteners prevent slipping on active dogs.

Pet Parents Male Dog Diapers

Best Washable

The Pet Parents three-piece pack is available in three different color sets, including all black; blue, black, and green; and white, black, and brown. Each set is also available in extra-small, small, medium large, or extra-large. Pet Parents’ WickQuick lining absorbs moisture readily to prevent rashes, while a leak-proof exterior shell keeps liquids in.

All-Absorb Male Dog Wrap

Best for Comfort

This disposable pack of 50 diapers from All-Absorb wins in the most comfortable design on our list. An airy outer layer eliminates sweat and discomfort, while 360 leak-proof barriers provide extra protection against spills. If the diaper doesn’t hold on the first try, the re-adjustable fasteners allow you to perfect the fit until it’s comfortably snug.

Male dog diapers or belly wraps are convenient for discouraging indoor marking and preventing messes from dogs with urinary incontinence or excitable peeing. Keep furniture, floors, and personal items safe from strong pee odors and stains with a pack of washable or disposable diapers. Whichever style you choose, you’ll be glad you discovered this handy invention.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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