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The best dog eye wipes to keep your pet’s eyes clean

It is important to regularly clean your dog’s eyes if they are prone to tear stains or crusty eyes. Eye wipes for your dog are safe, effective, and easy to use. You simply wipe away crust buildup and tear stains so your dog can have healthy, clean eyes. There are many types and brands of dog wipes available. These wipes are made to be portable and disposable so you can take them with you anywhere.

The eye is a delicate and sensitive area, so it is important to always follow the directions on whatever package of eye wipes you get. Eye wipes for dogs are developed to be safe for use around the eye and are made with gentle ingredients. These wipes are moist and soothing against your dog’s coat and skin.

Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Best Natural

Thanks to these wipes, you can quickly and safely clean your puppy's eyes easily. They are super gentle and delicate around such a sensitive area. They are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. These wipes come in a resealable container of 100, so they always stay moist and ready to use. Made without chemicals, this product contains natural ingredients that will never irritate the area around your dog’s eyes.

Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash Pads

Best Budget

These eye wash pads are great for a quick and easy application. Simply remove a pad from the container and wipe around the eye or along the cheek to remove tear stains. This product is available in eye drops as well to treat your dog’s eye directly. This product is safe to use for dogs with sensitive eyes. You can choose from a 90-count or 180-count tub of wash pads or a 4-ounce bottle of eye drop formula.

Vetericyn Antimicrobial Pet Eye Wash

Best Alternative

This eye wash is designed to help with tear stains and remove goop from the eye area. It can be used up to three or four times each day. It is also safe to use around the ears, nose, and mouth. Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, this product is approved by veterinarians.

Dogs are known for their puppy eyes, so you want to ensure they remain clean and healthy. The best way to do that is with eye wipes designed specifically with your dog in mind. These wipes are easy to take everywhere and are made with gentle ingredients. This product is great for dogs whose eyes are prone to tear stains or crusty buildup. Your dog will love having clean puppy eyes, and you will love how convenient and easy these products are to use.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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