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The best dog gift baskets for your pup

When your pet is under the weather, they need extra love and affection from their loved ones. Show your pup how much you care with a get well soon gesture that makes them feel special and nurtured.

Are your pup’s toys looking tattered? Is your furry friend bored of the same treats? If your pup could use some variety to brighten their days, the gift baskets on our list are the perfect token of your affection. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Jalousie Dog Squeaky Toys

Best Dog Toys

With five squeaky toys that your dog is sure to love, the Jalousie Dog Squeaky Toys is a complete set for small, medium, and large breeds. It includes three no stuffing toys with a squeaker and two plush toys for your pup’s delight. The durable liner extends the durability of the toys to keep it fun for your favorite chewer.

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Best Subscription Service

Make sure your dog is always happy with the BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box. This fun service surprises your pooch with two new toys, two bags of treats, and one yummy chew every month. Each month has a new curated theme for you and your pup to change up your games and enjoy hours of fun.

Claudia's Canine Cuisine Gift

Best Dog Treats

Made in the USA with human-grade ingredients, Claudia's Canine Cuisine Gift includes 7 ounces of dog cookies that are delicious and healthy for your pooch. These preservative-free treats have no animal by-products or fillers. Just yummy, freshly baked nutrition for your favorite friend.

When your pup deserves nothing but the best, the dog gift baskets on our list are the ideal present. Celebrate any special occasion or get them just because. Any excuse is perfect to treat your pooch to some extra love.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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