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The best dog houses for large dogs to keep the elements out

Your outdoor pet needs a new crib to keep them safe from the sun, rain, and wind. Order a house for large dogs to keep your pet off the ground in any season and to give them a comfortable place to rest. To help you find the right style and size, we’ve listed the best homes here.

Large dog houses for outside use are available in different styles similar to traditional real estate. Popular designs include log cabins, barns, villas, and even igloos. Companies craft these homes with solid wood or hard plastic, often with tough metal frames and asphalt roofs. If your dog is strictly an outdoor pet, make sure the roof, sides, and interior are properly insulated according to the weather. A waterproof mattress or pad is also a good idea to make the sleeping surface softer. Moreover, keep in mind that some houses for large dogs are higher off the ground than others. Lastly, consider what size your dog is before purchasing or if you need a doghouse for two large dogs. Though many companies offer sizable homes, it differs between each design. Let’s check out our choices.

Petmate Precision Log Cabin

Best Cabin Style

Petmate’s doghouse is a cabin style abode featuring a weatherproof asphalt roof, solid wood sides, and stainless-steel hardware. The raised floor keeps the inside from heating up, while the slanted roof diverts rain and snow onto the ground. Adjustable legs allow installation on a variety of surfaces including grass, concrete, and dirt.

Trixie Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Best Adjustable Legs

The clean, saltbox-roof house from Trixie is built with adjustable legs that keep the home stable on uneven surfaces. It also ensures proper ventilation on hot days, keeping your pet nice and cool. Made of glazed pine siding, the tongue-and-groove design provides extra security against the elements. Its larger-than-average opening makes access a breeze for senior dogs or dogs with disabilities.

Petsfit Dog House

Best With Door Flap

The Petsfit house includes a convenient door flap that provides extra insulation and allows you to keep an eye on your pet from inside. Its roof features a slanted design to keep water off and a flip-top mechanism for easy cleaning. Made of natural cedar and painted with water-based paint, this house rivals plastic alternatives when it comes to quality. With predrilled holes, this dog home is a cinch to build.

Large dog houses for sale offer much in the way of design, color, material, and weather protection. Solid wood is a popular choice for its insulation and durability, though tough plastic is a close second. Consider dog-friendly features like adjustable legs, slanted roofs, and sturdy metal hardware to ensure comfort throughout the year. Take a look at our list to see which home fits your criteria.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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