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The best dog mats for a place to rest

A dog mat is a thinner, cushioned type of dog bed. Some dogs don’t like the excessive cushioning that comes with a lot of dog beds and a mat is a great alternative. They are easy to transport anywhere, so they are great for the back of your car, in your dog’s crate, or out on your back deck. No matter where you put one, your dog will love using it. It provides enough cushioning without making your dog excessively hot.

When it comes to sleeping, the bed is the main attraction. It should be comfy and cozy for anyone to sleep soundly and the same goes for a dog’s bed. Dog beds come in many styles, but one great option is a mat. Dog mats are thin but cushioned, allowing your dog to rest comfortably but without all the extra fluff that may make them feel overheated. Dog mats have a lot of great benefits. Their thin design allows for easy cleaning, with most being machine washable.

Furhaven Dog Bed Mat

Best Insulated

The Furhaven Dog Bed Mat is available in a variety of colors and neutral tones. This bed mat is designed to be warm and cozy for your dog. It is super lightweight, making it great for moving around the house or for taking with you on road trips and vacations. This dog mat is machine washable and available in multiple sizes to accommodate small to large dogs.

Gorilla Grip Pad And Bed Mat For Dogs

Best Waterproof

This mat is available in multiple sizes and has a cute paw print design on a gray mat. It is lightweight and flexible, allowing you to take this mat anywhere. This product is made of soft cotton to ensure 24/7 coziness for your pet and features a slip-resistant backing. In addition, it is designed to absorb liquid or moisture quickly, so nothing will ever seep through to your floors.

Hero Dog Bed Mat

Best for All Sizes

The Hero Dog Bed Mat helps make senior dogs and dogs with bone or joint problems feel more comfortable. The orthopedic pad, made of cozy fleece, is thick and helps provide your dog with a soft landing spot. This mat is available in four colors and six sizes, so you can find one that’s perfect for your pet. It is easy to maintain by simply throwing it in the washing machine. The bottom of the mat features anti-slip material that is safe for hardwood floors.

Your dog is a special part of your life and you want to ensure that they always feel comfy and safe. One way to do this is with a cozy dog mat that will serve as the perfect place for them to curl up and take a nap. Dog mats are less bulky and cushioned than regular dog beds. Regular dog beds can be heavy and hard to transport. They collect dust, dirt, and crumbs without the ability to throw them in the wash. Luckily, dog mats are easy to clean, portable, and will help your dog rest comfortably. Both you and your dog will love these mats and all their benefits.

Pamper your pooch with the best dog Valentine’s Day activities
Dog pampering, adventures, and more: The best Valentine's Day activities for pups
A woman taking a selfie with her white dog

Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Whether you’re single or with someone special, let’s share a secret between friends: Your dog is your main squeeze. Your pooch’s unconditional love and snuggles have helped you get through challenging times, and their one-of-a-kind personality has improved your brightest days.

Showering your dog with love on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. However, what should you do for the dog that has given you everything and so much more? Even these days — where news of shortages dominates the headlines — there are so many dog Valentine’s Day activities you and your furry best friend can enjoy this year. Choose one, or consider ditching work and treating your pup to a day of dog pampering and memories.

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Puppy Bowl XIX: All about this year’s athletes and where to watch them play
Here's how to watch the Puppy Bowl this Super Bowl Sunday
Three puppies play in a grassy park

While everyone else is getting riled up for the biggest football game of the year, animal lovers like us will be tuning into the 19th annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Team Ruff and Team Fluff will be kicking off an afternoon of adorable fun, and you won't want to miss it. Here's the good news: You don't have to pick between watching the Puppy Bowl or the Super Bowl, either! We'll let you know when and where to tune in for this "aww-inspiring" event, so don't forget to mark your calendars.
This is everything you need to know about Puppy Bowl XIX.

When and where to watch Puppy Bowl XIX -- Animal Planet, streaming, and more
This year's Puppy Bowl will air on Sunday, February 12 (aka Super Bowl Sunday). Before you get too worried about making time for both big games; rest assured, you can make time for both. The Puppy Bowl will first air on Animal Planet at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, according to Discovery. Later in the day, the Super Bowl's kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT (via NFL).

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6 ways to make your Super Bowl party dog-friendly this year
Snacks, safety, and other details to throw the best dog-friendly Super Bowl party
A poodle mix dog wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt and hat sits and looks into the camera

As football fans from across the country gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, you might find yourself getting swept up in the hype. We get it! The NFL championship game is a big deal, and it's fun to get together with loved ones to mark the occasion. While you're planning your football-themed menu and decor, we encourage you to consider inviting furry friends, too. At the very least, make sure your own dog is well prepared for a fun day, too.
2023 pet trends revealed that more and more owners treat their dogs like their children, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a rise in dog-friendly Super Bowl parties this year. That's why we've compiled six important ways anyone can accommodate pets at their Super Bowl party -- from finding the right snacks to finding the right space.

Don't forget to provide snacks for dogs, as well as people
There are two key components to a successful Super Bowl party -- watching the game and enjoying the food -- so once you've got your location decided, make sure to plan a menu that accommodates everyone you've invited. That means feeding the dogs, too!
Most owners will have their own plan for feeding their pup dinner, but when it comes to snacks, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. When in doubt, ask ahead about your canine guests' preferences and restrictions. That way, other pet parents can bring food for their pups -- and no one is excluded.
A classic homemade dog biscuit is always a safe snack to have on hand, and they last for a long time as leftovers, too. Since most recipes will have you making and baking dough, you can use a football-shaped cookie cutter or silicone mold to add to the day's festivities!

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