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The best dog seat covers for your car backseat to use during travel

Road trips, hiking, and everyday errands are always more fun with your pooch by your side. But who enjoys vacuuming their backseat after the outing? With the car seat covers on our list, you can take your dog with you and stop worrying about your pet causing permanent damage to your car’s interior. After that impromptu getaway, you can outyour seat covers away for a spotless backseat. It couldn’t get any better.

If you love your dog but you also like to keep your car clean, there’s no reason to choose one over the other. The convenience of backseat covers for dogs keeps your automobile looking great and, best of all, your pooch never has to stay behind. By using one of these nifty covers, your favorite furry pal can join you on all your outings. You also create a space for them to feel comfortable in the car. Let’s take a look at our favorite dog backseat seat covers for your car.

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

Best Overall

When Fido’s paws are full of sand or mud, the Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover serves as a barrier to keep dirt off your seats. Made from premium Oxford material, these covers are easy to clean and feature a middle layer of cotton for keeping your pup comfy until you arrive at your destination. The hammock with side flaps offers full coverage while keeping your pup in the back seat area, so they don’t distract you while you drive. Details like snap buckles and seat anchors make this dog back seat cover a reliable solution for when your fur baby is a passenger.

Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers

Best Waterproof

Cover your entire back seat with the Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers. With a convertible hammock, this versatile solution makes sure your cargo area stays free from mud, hairs, or unwanted puppy accidents. The side flaps make it easy to check on and interact with the family pet while traveling.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

Best Scratch-Resistant

If your pup’s a scratcher, the VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is the solution to keep your vehicle upholstery intact while your pup rides in style. Know that you’re protecting the car from messes like your dog’s muddy paws or your children’s juice boxes. This is the perfect protective cover for active families on the go.

When you’ve got several babies in your life – human or fur — the back seat covers on our list offer the protection you need. If you love your pup, kiddos, and your ride, these covers can be an everyday solution — no need to choose between any of them! Cover the back seats of your car and you’re road-trip prepared, so your focus can be on the fun vacay ahead, not worrying about messes.

3 fantastic Father’s Day activities for dog dads so your pup can join the fun
best fathers day activities funny friends concept  human taking a selfie with dog

Dog dads, it’s your time to shine! With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect moment to plan your special day — with your four-legged friend, of course. Since the weather is heating up, Father’s Day activities are a great excuse to get outside (which your dog will love, too), though quality time with your kids — whether human or canine — can be found just about anywhere.
These Father’s Day activities with dogs are just the right amount of adventure: You’ll get some sunshine and fresh air, but you won’t need to jump through hoops to do it. Whether you’re planning for yourself or the special dad in your life, you won’t go wrong with any of these fun ideas. Happy Father’s Day!

Host a barbecue with your pooch
Nothing says summertime quite like a backyard barbecue. Gather your loved ones, whether they have two legs or four, and stock up your menu with Dad’s favorite foods. Meats, sides, veggies, maybe something to drink — just make sure not to season any meat you plan on sharing with your pup!
In an enclosed, outdoor space like the backyard, you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your dog at all times. Plus, Dad can have a drink if he wants! If you prefer a park setting or just don’t have a grill at home, make sure to bring a long leash so your pup can chill with you without getting into trouble or taking off.
Fido will love all the attention he’s getting from happy partygoers, and Dad will love having his favorite company in one place. Who doesn’t love catching up with family? Don’t forget the lawn games!

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Want to bring your dog to a Pride parade? 5 things the experts say you need to do first
A Chihuahua sits under a rainbow Pride flag

As Pride parades and celebrations ramp up throughout the month of June, you might be thinking about bringing along your four-legged friend. Attending a Pride parade with dogs can be fun, but it can also require a lot more planning and work than you originally thought. You really do need to think it through!
To make your life easier, we've asked three of our most trusted canine experts what they would consider before bringing a dog along to a Pride parade. From health and safety concerns to socialization and shopping (no pup is ready for Pride without the proper accessories, after all), they've thought of it all.
Here's what you'll want to ponder before attending a Pride parade with dogs, expert-approved.

Will your dog enjoy attending Pride?
Partying with your pup at Pride might seem like a dream come true, but Renee Rhoades, Dog Behavior Specialist at R+Dogs, urges you to ask yourself one important question: "If my dog had a choice, would they choose to come to this event?" This may make you reconsider, but it may also help you realize what an outgoing, social dog you have. If the latter is the case, and you truly believe they would enjoy the crowds and activity, read on for a safe and happy Pride with your pup.
Planning ahead for obstacles and safe spots
No two Pride events are the same, and no two attendees have the same Pride experience. When you bring along your furry friend you might be committing to watching from the sidelines, notes Rhoades, as the center of the action may be too crowded to keep your buddy comfy.

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4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy
sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

You've heard the hype, you've seen the toys--but why exactly would you want to subscribe to a monthly service like BarkBox? For lots of reasons! Firstly, it's completely customizable. Once you answer a few questions, your pup receives a customized box of toys, treats, and accessories according to your ideal schedule. Essentially, someone else has done the shopping for you, based on your preferences.

When you consider the time and effort you no longer have to put into driving to the pet store and finding the perfect products, the benefits of having a box delivered to your door go without saying. And we all know how excited our dogs are about receiving new toys and tasty treats.

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