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The best dog seat covers for your car backseat to use during travel

Road trips, hiking, and everyday errands are always more fun with your pooch by your side. But who enjoys vacuuming their backseat after the outing? With the car seat covers on our list, you can take your dog with you and stop worrying about your pet causing permanent damage to your car’s interior. After that impromptu getaway, you can outyour seat covers away for a spotless backseat. It couldn’t get any better.

If you love your dog but you also like to keep your car clean, there’s no reason to choose one over the other. The convenience of backseat covers for dogs keeps your automobile looking great and, best of all, your pooch never has to stay behind. By using one of these nifty covers, your favorite furry pal can join you on all your outings. You also create a space for them to feel comfortable in the car. Let’s take a look at our favorite dog backseat seat covers for your car.

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

Best Overall

When Fido’s paws are full of sand or mud, the Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover serves as a barrier to keep dirt off your seats. Made from premium Oxford material, these covers are easy to clean and feature a middle layer of cotton for keeping your pup comfy until you arrive at your destination. The hammock with side flaps offers full coverage while keeping your pup in the back seat area, so they don’t distract you while you drive. Details like snap buckles and seat anchors make this dog back seat cover a reliable solution for when your fur baby is a passenger.

Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers

Best Waterproof

Cover your entire back seat with the Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers. With a convertible hammock, this versatile solution makes sure your cargo area stays free from mud, hairs, or unwanted puppy accidents. The side flaps make it easy to check on and interact with the family pet while traveling.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

Best Scratch-Resistant

If your pup’s a scratcher, the VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is the solution to keep your vehicle upholstery intact while your pup rides in style. Know that you’re protecting the car from messes like your dog’s muddy paws or your children’s juice boxes. This is the perfect protective cover for active families on the go.

When you’ve got several babies in your life – human or fur — the back seat covers on our list offer the protection you need. If you love your pup, kiddos, and your ride, these covers can be an everyday solution — no need to choose between any of them! Cover the back seats of your car and you’re road-trip prepared, so your focus can be on the fun vacay ahead, not worrying about messes.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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