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The best dog toys for stimulating your bored pooch

Your dog is home all day with no supervision and you want to make sure they’re not tempted to chew on your brand-new couch cushions. Dog toys for boredom combat restlessness and lack of an outlet, keeping your dog entertained even when you’re not home. We’ve revealed our favorite playthings here to help you choose the best one for your fur baby.

There are endless boredom-fighting dog toys available, but the most popular styles are plush squeaky toys, interactive balls, and treat-dispensing toys. Puppies especially need a wide variety to keep them entertained during their younger years, though adult dogs also need amusement. Consider a toy that keeps your dog active both mentally and physically. Moreover, a durable toy is also ideal, as dogs can play rough without their knowledge. Check out these toys we’ve recently discovered.

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Best Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound’s toy is a brain-stimulating puzzle that dispenses treats when solved. Your puppy will learn how to slide, push, and pop open the containers to reveal yummy goodies inside. As they master the puzzle, you can introduce the removable pieces to further challenge their minds.

Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball

Best Toy Ball

Pet Qwerks offers a toy ball that’s programmed with 18 different sounds and a motion-activated light. The included batteries will last up to 15,000 phrases or lights, while the tough plastic exterior will last years. Beneficial for pets with poor vision or dogs who need an outlet when home alone, this toy eradicates boredom.

Jalousie 5-Pack Dog SqueakyToys

Best Squeaky Set

The Jalousie squeaky toy set includes five different animals compatible with any size dog breed. This pack includes three no-fill animals with three squeakers each and two plush animals for a variety of play experiences. Each animal features a tough interior lining to keep its shape even with playful puppies and strong dogs.

Some dog behavioral problems can be traced back to boredom and restlessness. In this case, a brain-stimulating toy or two can turn your puppy from a destructive dog to a playful pet. Luckily, the toys on our list are guaranteed to combat boredom and undesirable behavior, whether you’re home to monitor your dog or away at work.