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The best dog toys for small dogs

Lightweight and easy-to-carry toys are ideal for a small dog since they can have a hard time lifting and moving toys tailored for larger dogs. A small dog can get frustrated by a toy not meant for their size, and then the toy will just be ignored and gather dust. To ensure you have the right toy for your small dog, get one of these right-size and top-performing ones.

Although small dogs have slender and unimposing mouths, their strong jaws and sharp teeth can tear apart a soft toy in no time, so you need to choose the right type of toy that’s entertaining to a small dog and yet durable enough to stand up to the punishment they dish out. These top-notch toys for small dogs can do just that.

Multipet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy

Softest Plush Toy

If you want a soft yet durable plush toy for your small dog, consider the Multipet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy. The 10-inch-long, extremely soft and tough-constructed plush toy is based on the main character from the popular 1990s TV show “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along.” The toy has a squeaker to make playtime more fun.

BarkBox Dog Squeak Toys

Most durable

If you’re looking for a long-lasting toy for your small dog, then take a look at the BarkBox Dog Squeak Toys. Made of high-quality materials, the interactive toy is engineered to last a long time and hold up against chewing while being used during games of tug-of-war or fetch. It’s densely packed with fluffy stuffing and interactive elements suited for shredding, trashing, and squeaking.

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Most Interactive

To get your hands on a very interactive toy for your small dog, grab the Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball. The motion-activated interactive toy makes more than 20 funny sounds and noises — including wisecracks — when a dog passes by or plays with it. Made from high-impact ABS, the toy automatically turns itself off if it senses no activity.

Make sure you have the right-size and right-engineered toys on hand for your small dog so it isn’t struggling with playthings tailored for bigger dogs. These leading toys for small dogs are just right on many levels.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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