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The best dog water fountains for effective pet hydration

There are a few features to consider when looking for the perfect dog water fountain. You need to make sure that it comes with the reservoir capacity that you want, especially if you have multiple dogs to keep track of. The height level of your dog fountain should take into account your dog’s drinking level, especially if he has a harder time bending over. You should also make sure that you can easily clean and refill it on your own timetable.

There are so many benefits to an automatic dog water fountain when you keep one in your home. They keep your dog hydrated throughout the day and it is more appealing to them due to the running water. It also keeps water from getting dirty by using filters and running water to keep it fresh. Keep your dog’s water supply full to avoid health issues like overheating.

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Best for All Sizes

If you have multiple dogs in the household, it can be hard to find products that will fit all of them. That is why the PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain is perfect for dogs of all sizes. The free-falling stream will entice your dogs to drink more water and they can access it easily, no matter how big or small they are. The carbon water filter makes sure that unwanted odors and tastes are filtered out.

Veken Pet Fountain

Best for Small/Medium Dogs

When you have those smaller pups that want the benefits of a dog water fountain, the Veken Pet Fountain is the perfect size. The ultra-quiet pump consumes very little energy so it can keep running continuously without constant upkeep. It has a large 2.5-liter capacity, so you can leave it alone and let it do its job. The triple filtration system is made of a cotton layer, activated carbon, and an iron exchange resin that keeps the water fresh and clean.

iPettie Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

Best Design

The iPettie Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain is a beautifully designed and eco-friendly option. The dual filtration system uses charcoal and foam to filter out hair, residue, and odors. The water drips through the strainer into the bowl as it streams out. Your dog has three free-falling streams to choose from, increasing the amount of oxygen in the fresh water.

A water fountain for your dog is an important purchase when you want your dogs to be happy, healthy, and well-hydrated. You can let the water fountain do the work, so you do not have to worry about refilling water bowls constantly. Your dogs will thank you for the consistent fresh water every time they drink.

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