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The best medium harnesses for your dog

Medium dog harnesses are all about better managing a dog while in motion. Many feature a padded handle on the back of the harness to provide more control when it’s necessary, such as when your pet is being approached by another dog or is in crowded environments. To gain that heightened control, get one of these effective yet comfortable medium dog harnesses.

Medium dog harnesses typically are durable and yet comfortable and nonrestrictive, allowing a dog natural shoulder movements while walking or running. Some have a dual-clip attachment so you can connect a leash in the front for walking and hiking and in the rear for running and attaching to car restraints. These dependable medium dog harnesses offer similar helpful features.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Most Breathable Harness

To prevent your dog from overheating while wearing a medium harness, get a very breathable one. The Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is just that. It’s made of soft, breathable air mesh, so it’s more lightweight and ideal for walks. The harness features two reflective bands on its sides to enhance visibility during early-morning and late-evening strolls. A hook and loop fastener, buckle and double D-rings provide more layers of safety and security.

PUPTECK No-Pull Dog Harness

Best Reflective Harness

For a combination of better control and better safety of your medium-size dog, you need a highly reflective dog harness. The PUPTECK No-Pull Dog Harness answers that call. The adjustable, basic nylon step-in harness sports very reflective material, heavy-duty stitching and an ID tag. Its straps are adjustable to provide maximum comfort and a more reliable fit.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Best Tactical Harness

If you need an effective tactical dog harness for your medium-size dog, then take a look at the Auroth Tactical Dog Harness. It’s made of heavy-duty, military-standard nylon and sports sturdy stitching for higher durability. The harness features two metal leash attachment points: a front clip for no-pull control or dog training and a back clip for walking or jogging.

Gain more control of your medium-size dog when you need it — such as when walking or hiking — by using a good harness. These top-notch and top-performing harnesses can keep your dog more in tow without any discomfort.