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The best indestructible dog toys for long lasting fun

Having dog toys to chew on and play with is great for your dog’s mental health and dental health. Dogs enjoy engaging in play and having toys that will let them enjoy that side of their personalities and let out their energies. Chewing on dog toys will also help promote their dental health because it will exercise their gums and strengthen their jaws.

Your dogs will naturally want to chew. It comes from their instincts as pack animals when their ancestors used to chew through raw bones. They need to chew in order to feed into these instincts. If you have an aggressive or anxious dog, they may also start chewing on their toys or worse your furniture to get their stress and anger out. Giving them a proper toy can train them to let out their energy on those designated toys instead of their surroundings.

Nylabone Flavored Durable Dog Chew

Best Long-Lasting

Do you want a dog chew that will last through the ends of time? The Nylabone Flavored Durable Dog Chew is made to be resistant to even the most powerful chewers. The chew toy has different textures for your dog to gnaw on. When your dog bites into this chew, there will be bristles raised that will promote dental hygeine by control plaque and tartar.

GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy

Best for Large Dogs

If you have a bigger dog, you should have the dog toy that will handle their size and power. The GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy will let your dog play around and have fun without you worrying about the toy standing up against your dog’s strength. The figure-eight design is made to be interactive for your dog: One ring can be used to keep the toy stable, while the other ring can be chewed on and played with to their heart’s content. You can also throw this in the pool and have your dog swim for it since it is able to float.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

If your dog is on the more aggressive side, you will want a toy that will not only withstand your dog’s teeth but will also keep them entertained for longer so that their energy gets drained throughout the day. That is why you need a toy like the KONG Classic Dog Toy. This rubber toy is a great fetching toy because of how bouncy it is and how unpredictable its movements are. The red rubber formula will be able to withstand your dog’s chews. Make it even more enticing by adding some peanut butter in the hole.

Your dog will fall in love with any of these chew toys, and you will love the fact that you can simply get one of these toys and not see it ripped to shreds the next day. Your dog’s teeth and your wallet will thank you for it.