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The best long-lasting dog chews for maintaining oral hygiene

A tasty dog chew can easily satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. If they have an active mind and tend to chew on anything if bored, a chew toy can really help, especially if it’s strong enough to last for a long time. Here are our top picks.

That’s why you want to make sure you’re getting dog chews that are long-lasting. They need to be durable enough to maintain their texture, flavor, and bristles to do their job for hours on end. Plus, having to buy a new toy all the time can get a little expensive.

Benebone Dog Chew Toy

Best Paw Grip

This dog chew toy is specifically ergonomically designed for dogs. That means it’s easier for them to pick it up, play with, and chew on. That’s especially great for aggressive chewers. The chew is made with 100% real bacon that’s sourced in the U.S.

Nylabone Bison Dog Chew Treats

Best Bison Flavored

Bison meat tends to be leaner and packed with more nutrients than regular beef. It’s also usually more sustainable. So it’s awesome to see so many bison-flavored dog chews on the market. These are just great. They don’t contain any added salt, artificial preservatives, or colors, and are highly digestible.

Heartland Antlers Deer Antlers for Dogs

Best Antler Shaped

If you’re really looking for something that has the texture and shape of real bone, consider these antler ones! Made from premium quality, Grade A deer antler, these 100% all-natural, long-lasting chews are a great choice.

Just remember that dog chews could become a choking hazard. It’s best to check that the chew you want to get fits the size and breed of your pup. If you can, try to keep an eye and supervise them while they chew. Safe chewing has many benefits, so it’s definitely worth it.