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The best muzzles for medium-size dogs

Muzzles provide an extra level of security for dogs that become over-aroused during play or react fearfully in high-stress situations. It’s highly recommended that they not be used to prevent barking or curb destructive behavior, especially when a dog is left alone. To access that additional security layer, get one of these top muzzles for your medium-size dog.

Generally, there are three major muzzle styles: a basket muzzle for outdoor activities, soft muzzle for veterinary or grooming visits, and short-snout muzzle for flat-faced dogs. A muzzle needs to be durably constructed yet comfortable to be worn for an extended period. When it’s clear your medium-size dog needs one, get one of these effective and easy-to-wear muzzles.

Dog Muzzles Suit

Best Eco-friendly

If you need to mind your biting dog but want to mind the environment at the same time, then consider getting the eco-friendly Dog Muzzles Suit by CooZero. The suit is made entirely from waterproof oxford cloth that’s light, breathable, strong, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The muzzle set includes seven sizes so it can fit most dogs and features a fully adjustable strap and buckle.

Nylon Dog Muzzle for Medium Dogs

Best with Metal D-ring

To benefit from a good muzzle with an optimal metal D-ring for medium-size dogs, get the Nylon Dog Muzzle for Medium Dogs. It’s made of durable, high-quality nylon engineered to stand up to daily use, is comfortable to wear, and comes with a solid metal D-ring. With a snout strap measuring 6 to 11 inches and neck strap measuring 5 to 13 inches, the muzzle is suitable for small- and medium-size dogs.

Heele Dog Muzzle Nylon Soft Muzzle

Best Nylon Mesh

Seeking a solid muzzle for a medium-size dog with a good nylon mesh? The Heele Dog Muzzle Nylon Soft Muzzle might end your search. It’s made of comfortable and breathable nylon mesh material designed to be softer than the material used on other muzzles and is lightweight. Available in four sizes, the muzzle can be adjusted for use by all kinds of dogs, including tiny and giant breeds.

Make sure your medium-size dog isn’t biting at its groomer or eating debris in the street while you walk by securing it with a comfortable muzzle. These soft and effective muzzles can give you peace of mind and your dog a break from some bad behaviors.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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