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The best rawhide for dogs to chew on

A high-quality rawhide product has some benefits. First, it will make your pup happy. Second, it will keep them distracted for hours and make sure they don’t chew on your slippers or furniture. And, third, it can help with your dog’s oral hygiene. Here are our recommendations for the best rawhide for dogs.

What is rawhide, you ask? Just like the name implies, it’s a piece of hide, usually cow, that has not been tanned. It is then usually molded into some rolled form and flavored to tempt dogs. But quality varies wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s good to check out all the details before you buy.

Cowdog Chews Retriever Roll

Best Natural

These chews are sourced from free-range, pasture-raised cattle in South America. And they don’t use any artificial flavors or colors. They also don’t include any artificial preservatives, and they’re odorless. They’re a great all-natural pick.

Good'N'Fun Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

Best Multiflavored

If you want a little more flavor for your little one’s treats, this is the rawhide chew to get. Made from both rawhide and pork hide, these chews are then wrapped with real chicken, duck, and chicken liver. It’s a good source of protein as well as a chewing distraction.

Purina Busy Beefhide Dog Chews

Best Budget

At this price point, there aren’t many rivals to these chews. They have no artificial colors or flavors, and many dogs find the beef hide exterior irresistible. It’s also long-lasting, so your little friend can chew for hours on end.

It’s important to mention some veterinarians feel the risks with some rawhides outweigh the benefits. You should know that some chews might be dangerous and are a choking hazard. Other types might use dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process that might harm your friend. And some might cause digestive issues. So make sure to be vigilant, and buy rawhide only from brands you know, love, and trust and in sizes and flavors that fit your dog’s breed and size.