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The best rawhide-free dog chews for the safety of your furry friend

Rawhide dog chews are a thing of the past. With all the hazards associated with them, they aren’t worth the risk of your dog’s health. Luckily, there are great rawhide-free dog chews on the market that will make both you and your pup happy. They come in all kinds of flavors like chicken, pork, and even peanut butter so your dog can get a variety of delicious treats. This type of chew is designed to be safe to consume, healthy to eat, and delicious for snacking. Look for rawhide-free chews that are made with some of the best ingredients to ensure a healthy treat for your dog.

As a pet owner, you want nothing more than the best for your furry companion. Treats and chews are a large part of being a dog owner. Chews help keep your dog entertained with a healthy and delicious snack. When considering what chews to buy for your dog, you should always ensure it is rawhide-free. Rawhide can cause a lot of issues with choking and digestive problems, so it is important to steer clear of this type of snack. Fortunately, there are so many delicious, safe chews for your dog that are completely rawhide-free. You can choose from a variety of delicious flavors like peanut butter, chicken, pork, and more.

DreamBone Twist Sticks

Best Chicken Flavor

The DreamBone Twist Sticks are a fun and delicious treat for your dog. These sticks are completely rawhide-free while maintaining all of the benefits of a rawhide chew. This product is made with healthy minerals, great vitamins, and real food so the treat is not only delicious, but also super healthy for your dog. This product also helps with your dog’s teeth and gum health. These treats come in a 9.7-ounce bag that includes 50 twist sticks. They also are available in other flavors like bacon and cheese.

Hartz Oinkies Dog Treat Chews

Best Pig Skin

The Hartz Oinkies Dog Treat Chews is a delicious treat that is perfect for older or small dogs who may need softer treats. This dog treat provides fun and entertainment with the irresistible flavor of chicken that your dog will crave. This package includes 18 treats that are made from real chicken. These chews contain no rawhide and help reduce tartar on your dog’s teeth.

SmartBones Stuffed Twistz

Best Peanut Butter Flavor

This treat has a yummy peanut butter flavored and everyone knows how much dogs love peanut butter! This treat is made with healthy ingredients and contains no rawhide. They are available in packages of 6, 35, or 55 treats. In addition to keeping your dog’s teeth and gums clean, this product also will keep them occupied for hours, hopefully eliminating any destructive behavior.

When it comes to taking care of your dog, you want to ensure that you are never putting them in harm’s way. That’s why it’s important to provide them with rawhide-free chews so they’re not at risk of choking. These treats come in several flavors so your dog will love getting one at any time.

Top dog supplements for joint health and how they help your pooch stay active
Best supplements to give to your arthritic dog to help with joint paint
An elderly golden retriever sits on a trail in the woods

You might wake up sometimes (or all the time) with an achy back and your pup could as well. Just like humans, dogs can get joint pain and arthritis. This particularly happens in older animals and in certain breeds that are prone to it, like German shepherds. Luckily, there are a few things you can give them to help — and your canine will just think they're getting an extra treat.

How do supplements help with joint pain?
If you've noticed your dog acting stiff or limping, it could be arthritis or other joint issues. Make sure to talk to your vet to help diagnose (in case there's something else going on like a broken bone) the issue. The dog doc will do a physical exam plus tests, such as imaging, to determine the underlying cause. If it turns out to be a joint problem, your vet might suggest a supplement, which can reduce inflammation and stimulate cartilage growth.

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Can dogs eat turkey? Be careful this Thanksgiving
Here's what to be aware of when feeding your dog Thanksgiving food
Yellow lab begs at the Thanksgiving table

As everyone gathers around the table for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, make sure your four-legged family members are included, too. Not all people food is safe for dogs, so it will take a little more thought and effort than just tossing over some table scraps.
If you're wondering if dogs can eat turkey or other Thanksgiving fare, you'll just want to be sure whatever you're giving them is safe. A lot of the ingredients and dishes that are already on your table can be slightly modified to be made safe for your pup, so preparing people food for dogs can be easier than you think. Read on to get some canine-friendly ideas for feeding your dog on this yummy, cozy holiday. Remember to be grateful for your pup, too!
Here are some of the best (and worst) Thanksgiving foods for dogs.

Can dogs eat turkey? How to prepare Thanksgiving turkey for dogs
Turkey, cooked plainly and without the skin or bones, is safe for canine consumption. In fact, many dog foods and treats include this poultry as one of their main sources of protein, so there’s a great chance your pup already loves the taste.
Here’s the catch: The turkey on your Thanksgiving table is most likely not plain. Apart from any seasonings on the skin, the stuffing on the inside contains ingredients that can be toxic, or even fatal, to dogs. This includes onions, garlic, and the least!
If those puppy-dog eyes are starting to get to you, a small piece of meat from an area that wasn’t touching other ingredients will probably not harm your dog, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Make sure there is no skin or bone! Still, if your dog is known for a sensitive stomach, you may want to prepare her own plain, boiled turkey (in moderation, of course) to celebrate the holiday.

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Are tennis balls bad for dogs? Here’s what you want to know before your next game of fetch
Why you should be asking if tennis balls are bad for dogs
Jack Russel terrier on the beach with a tennis ball jumping

When you think about classic dog toys, tennis balls are sure to make the list. They’re a fun, cheap option that many pet parents can stock up on just as quickly as their dog goes through them, which is good news for pups who like to chew or fetch. Still -- despite the balls' everlasting popularity -- more and more dog owners have stopped to wonder: Are tennis balls bad for dogs?
Because it can be difficult to guarantee the safety of any pet product, you should pay special attention to your pup while he's playing with anything you don’t completely trust. This could, and perhaps should, include low-quality dog toys or any chew item not meant for canines -- including tennis balls. Here’s what you need to know.

Should dogs play with tennis balls? Pros and cons of these popular toys
Although there’s no denying the upsides to playing with tennis balls (they're cheap, easy to find, etc.), they come with many risks you may not have thought of. The team at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery — or Wellpets, as its site is named — has put together some helpful reminders about the silent dangers of tennis balls.

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