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The best service dog harnesses for easy identification

You might have a service dog for a visual impairment or emotional support but often have strangers touch your companion when you’re out and about. Service dog harnesses let others know your companion is more than a cute pet, and that they have an important job of keeping you safe. We’ve rounded up the best and most comfortable harnesses on the market here to help outfit your noble canine.

A service dog harness either has a clearly marked “SERVICE DOG” badge or has space for you to attach an ID. These harnesses also feature special design elements like detachable dog backpacks, information card slots, easy-release buckles, and reflective bands.

Before deciding on your harness, it’s important to accurately measure your dog’s chest and neck girth for a comfortable fit. Mesh fronts, adjustable buckles, and breathable fabrics all ensure that your canine remains comfortable throughout the day. Take a look at our picks to see which one is most appropriate for your dog.

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest

Strongest Design

Industrial Puppy’s service dog harness features the strongest design in our lineup. A reflective front safety band, clearly printed and removable “SERVICE DOG” lettering, and a detachable side backpack make this vest functional for a hardworking canine. Mesh lining and durable nylon ensures comfort and durability.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Most Comfortable

Your dog will look dashing and feel snug with this comfortable tactical harness from Auroth. Adjustable rings, durable plastic buckles, and larger-than-average pads prevent the harness from coming off, getting loose, or chafing. This harness includes a service dog badge you can attach on the side.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Best Training Features

ICEFANG’s service vest incorporates training features for young dogs still in school. Four metal buckles accommodate up to 1,000 pounds of pull pressure while a two-part design prevents escape. A no-pull front ring trains your dog to walk alongside you and outgrow aggressive tugging while two side loops allow your dog to carry important items.

Service dog harnesses are more than just stylish accessories for diligent working dogs. These vests offer practical features like service dog badges, side compartments, and reflective fabrics. Whether your canine is in training or a seasoned worker, give them the support they need with a comfortable and functional harness they can wear every day. Try a vest from our list today to ensure your service companion can accomplish their duties to the best of their abilities.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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