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The best service dog leashes for easy identification

There are a host of service dog leashes on the market so choosing the right one involves your specific disability and needs. You also can select one in part based on your favorite color or what might be most comfortable both for you and your service dog. Perhaps one of these leading and dependable service dog leashes is the right choice for you.

Service dog leashes typically feature the words “service dog” in bold or easy-to-read letters so well-meaning strangers know it’s a working animal that shouldn’t be randomly petted. These leashes also tend to have reflective lettering or fabric for easier identification and visibility in low light. These safe and effective service dog leashes include those features and other useful attributes.

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Leash Wrap

Best Overall

If you want a good overall service dog leash, the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Leash Wrap could be for you. The 4-foot-long, 1-inch-wide leash is made of high-quality nylon for better control and durability. It features reflective silk-screen “service dog” lettering for enhanced safety and identification, and is available in high-visibility black or red colors.

ALBCORP Padded Service Dog Leash

Best Padded Leash

In terms of an optimal padded service dog leash, the ALBCORP Padded Service Dog Leash fits that ranking. The lightweight leash is padded to make it more comfortable to train, walk, or run with a service dog. Its padded neoprene handle and silver rustproof trigger hook make it more convenient to attach or detach a collar vest or harness. The leash also has reflective silk-screen “service dog” lettering.

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest & Matching Service Dog Leash Set

Best Leash And Vest Set

If you need a solid service dog leash and vest set, check out the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest & Matching Service Dog Leash Set. It comes with a matching leash and vest featuring a padded, neoprene handle for the handler’s comfort and reflective silk-screen “service dog” lettering for better safety and identification. The set’s easy-to-use belly buckle is designed to make suiting up a dog faster.

To gain the most assistance from and control of your service dog, use a well-designed leash. These high-functioning and highly enticing service dog leashes can give you the performance you need in attractive designs.

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