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The best short dog leashes for better control

A short dog leash provides more control of a big, strong dog or a dog that’s prone to pulling and tugging on leashes. They also help keep a dog at a handler’s side while walking in high-traffic areas or close-quarter situations. To take advantage of the benefits of such an option, try one of these leading short dog leashes.

While 6 feet is a common length for a dog leash, short leashes typically stretch less than 3 feet so there’s less slack, and the leash doesn’t drag on the ground or get tangled around your dog’s legs or your legs. Short leashes are ideal for training, veterinary visits, or service dogs. These premium short dog leashes can be ideal for a number of uses.

Vivaglory Dog Leash Traffic Padded Two Handles

Best with Padded Handle

Go short and well-padded with the Vivaglory Dog Leash Traffic Padded option with two handles. The wider, 1-inch leash with a larger metal clasp is more durable for larger dogs, while the narrower leash option at 3/5 inches with a smaller metal clasp is lighter and low-stress for smaller dogs. Made of a double layer of tightly webbed nylon, the leash is strong and sturdy.

Leashboss Short Dog Leash With Padded Handle

Best Overall

To start using a good overall short dog leash, get the Leashboss Short Dog Leash With Padded Handle. The 1-inch nylon leash can extend to 12-, 18-, 24- and 30-inch leads for large, tall, or medium-sized dogs. Its soft neoprene handle is engineered to feel comfortable on your hands even when a large dog is pulling. The leash is stitched with high-strength, poly-bonded nylon thread.

Bolux 5-Foot Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Rope Leash With 2 Padded Handles

Best for Smaller Dogs

If you’re looking for the right short leash for your small dog, take a gander at the Bolux 5-Foot Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Rope Leash With Two Padded Handles. It’s engineered to be nearly two times thicker and stronger than standard dog leashes and offers a tightly webbed nylon for enhanced rugged construction. The leash features two premium neoprene padded handles for better comfort.

Take advantage of more control and maximum hand comfort by using a short leash on your large, medium-sized, or small dog. These safety-concious short dog leashes can suit just about any dog and their handler.