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The best soft dog treats for rewarding your pup while protecting his teeth

Your dog’s tail will wag with joy when you break out the soft dog treats on our list. These soon-to-be favorites include the best ingredients to help you train Fido. Show your love with these indulgent tidbits for your dog to feast on.

Senior dogs also love soft dog treats that keep them healthy and joyful. When chewing becomes more difficult for your lifetime friend, they can continue to enjoy a little extra love with the best soft treats for dogs. They make your pup’s belly happy and offer healthy ingredients for their well-being. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Zuke's Naturals Training and Soft Calming Dog Treats

Best Low-Calorie

Make snacking a low-calorie delicacy with the Zuke’s Naturals Training and Soft Calming Dog Treats. With decadent flavors and all-natural ingredients, these wholesome treats are the perfect size for training. Each mini bite is less than 3 calories and contains no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial ingredients. Perfect for guilt-free rewarding every time your pup earns one.

Hill's Soft-Baked Dog Treats

Best Veggie Flavor

For veggie loving pups, the Hill’s Soft-Baked Dog Treats offers delicious flavors derived from natural ingredients. Soft-baked for a chewy bite, these delicious treats are free from grains or fillers. They offer your dog the veggie flavors they love to help you with training or as an add-on to their regular food.

Blue Buffalo Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

Best for Training

When you feed your dog the Blue Buffalo Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats, you know they’re enjoying the best of the best. With chicken as the first ingredient, this is the ideal reward to help you train your dog and keep them healthy. With a meaty flavor, your dog will find these treats irresistible. And you’ll love the goodness of DHA for your pup’s cognitive development.

A trained dog is a happy pup. With the best soft dog treats, your furry friend will love to bond with you. And, before you know it, they’ll learn everything you teach them. With the treats on our list you keep your dog healthy and nourished, while giving them a happy moment to share with you.