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The best tactical dog harnesses for service-dog-level training

For the owners of service dogs and handlers of law enforcement K9s, a tactical dog vest will ensure safety and protection. They can help carry medical supplies, water, and emergency items with them and can be useful to carry your dog in difficult or dangerous situations. Find the perfect match for your beloved animal and give them the best protection you can.

We love how tactical harnesses make handling your dog easier. They communicate more command to your pet and keep you in control. They are also great to display patches and custom decorations, and they also function as a canine backpack for you to carry gear needed in your outing with your pet.

BABYLTRL Dog Harness

Best for Medium Dogs

The BABYLTRL Dog Harness is ideal for medium-size powerful breeds. A popular model among owners of strong dogs, this harness features a no-pull design with 2 D-ring placement options, a sturdy handle, and quick snap buckles for extra security.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Best for Gear Carrying

When it comes to carrying gear and equipment, there is no match for the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness. This escape-proof vest offers Velcro applications and loops to carry your dog stash. This option is perfect for working dogs that are being trained to stop pulling when being walked.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Best for Dog's Skin

Protect the skin of your dog with Auroth Tactical Dog Harness, a comfortable yet sturdy vest that has breathable military-grade nylon fabric and is well padded at every pressure point to keep your dog as happy and energetic. It features military-style system straps for your gear-carrying needs.

All tactical dog harnesses have optimized materials, advanced design, and specialized features that increase functionality and safety. The best tactical dog vests included in this list are ready to help you gain more control over your dog as you provide them with a sense of safety and comfort that will put them at ease at all times.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
These 4 diabetic dog treats are healthy, tasty, & can be made in 30 minutes
Diabetic dog treats that are both healthy and delicious
a dog with his back to the camera reaches for a treat that a woman holds out

A diagnosis of canine diabetes can throw any dog owner for a loop, but with the right dietary management, these pups can live just as long and happily as any other. They don’t have to miss out on anything — even treats for diabetic dogs are becoming simpler to find... and to make! Homemade diabetic dog treats are a great option that gives pet parents more control over their furry friend’s diet, even just for treats. Every owner of a diabetic dog should consider them!
These treats are not only safe for diabetic dogs, but they’re also easy to make. Some take as little as five minutes! With diverse ingredients from veggies to protein and even a little fruit, you’ll have plenty of options to give your health-conscious pup something yummy. Who said healthy had to be boring?

What to look for in a healthy treat for diabetic dogs
When your dog has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel pressure to change every little thing about their diet. The good news is that many ingredients you have at home are perfectly suitable for your diabetic dog, and if you already make dog treats at home, you may not have to make as many changes as you thought.

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Why do dogs like peanut butter so much? It’s more than just taste
Here's why peanut butter makes a great snack for dogs
Dog licks its nose while sitting

Every pet owner knows that a small scoop of peanut butter goes a long way toward making you a better pet parent, at least in the eyes of your pooch. A spoonful of PB is the perfect snack for many owners when trying to get Fido to take a pill or do a trick, but why do dogs like peanut butter in the first place? Like so many things, it's mostly evolution with a little human encouragement along the way.

Why do dogs like peanut butter?
Interestingly, while wolves and domestic cats are carnivores, dogs are officially omnivores. That means that they eat all kinds of foods, including meat and fruits, nuts, and veggies. Your pet cat can't really taste sweet things, but your dog definitely can (you knew that though, right). So it's a safe bet that part of the reason canine pets crave peanut butter and other similar treats is their insatiable sweet tooth.
Additionally, nuts, even in butter form, contain quite a bit of protein. Like us, pets need this to thrive and feel full. Of course, our buds will naturally seek out food that's good for them, like high-protein snacks. Lastly, one theory suggests that nut butters might smell meaty to animals. If that doesn't resonate with you, remember dogs have a sense of smell AT LEAST 10,000 times ours.
We may never get a definitive answer on exactly why pups go crazy for this gooey stuff — perhaps it's the smell, the sugar, or the protein. Most likely all three. And best of all, your dog's favorite snack is always whatever you happen to be eating. Don't be surprised if they start licking their chops any time you reach for the peanut butter jar for your own sandwich.

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Why is my dog barking at nothing? There’s often a really good reason
Your dog likely isn't barking at "nothing" after all
Side profile of a Siberian husky stands in the water at the beach and barks

Virtually every dog barks every now and again, but sometimes that barking can get to be too much. It's easier to address excessive barking when you can figure out what your dog is trying to tell you or alert you of, but dog owners know it's not always obvious. In fact, it can be a bit unnerving when your dog is barking at an empty wall.

You're certainly not alone if you find yourself asking, "Why is my dog barking at nothing?" This is a common question among dog owners, and it's something that veterinarians and animal behaviorists have studied as well. There's usually a reason behind dogs' barking, after all, so it's worth looking into to make sure your furry friend is alright.

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