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The best tactical dog harnesses for service-dog-level training

For the owners of service dogs and handlers of law enforcement K9s, a tactical dog vest will ensure safety and protection. They can help carry medical supplies, water, and emergency items with them and can be useful to carry your dog in difficult or dangerous situations. Find the perfect match for your beloved animal and give them the best protection you can.

We love how tactical harnesses make handling your dog easier. They communicate more command to your pet and keep you in control. They are also great to display patches and custom decorations, and they also function as a canine backpack for you to carry gear needed in your outing with your pet.

BABYLTRL Dog Harness

Best for Medium Dogs

The BABYLTRL Dog Harness is ideal for medium-size powerful breeds. A popular model among owners of strong dogs, this harness features a no-pull design with 2 D-ring placement options, a sturdy handle, and quick snap buckles for extra security.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Best for Gear Carrying

When it comes to carrying gear and equipment, there is no match for the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness. This escape-proof vest offers Velcro applications and loops to carry your dog stash. This option is perfect for working dogs that are being trained to stop pulling when being walked.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Best for Dog's Skin

Protect the skin of your dog with Auroth Tactical Dog Harness, a comfortable yet sturdy vest that has breathable military-grade nylon fabric and is well padded at every pressure point to keep your dog as happy and energetic. It features military-style system straps for your gear-carrying needs.

All tactical dog harnesses have optimized materials, advanced design, and specialized features that increase functionality and safety. The best tactical dog vests included in this list are ready to help you gain more control over your dog as you provide them with a sense of safety and comfort that will put them at ease at all times.