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The best waterproof dog beds for your puppy or adult dog

Potty-training accidents are bound to happen, but you don’t have to toss the dog bed into the washing machine every time they occur. Waterproof dog beds help you avoid long, messy cleanups and keep your pet’s mattress intact for longer. Discover your next best investment here on our list of the most sensible waterproof dog beds.

Many moisture-proof dog beds feature a removable liner or case that protects the mattress from accidents, spills, and other wet messes. Microsuede, polyester, or a blend of the two are common materials for these waterproof covers for dog beds. Some beds are simple, like flat mattresses made of cushy memory foam, though other models feature all-around bolsters that act as pillows and prevent slips. Keep in mind that your dog’s bed should comfortably accommodate their size and age. Senior dogs often need softer, orthopedic foam mattresses to support delicate bones and joints. Browse our best picks featuring a waterproof cover for your dog’s bed.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Best Design

The PetFusion bed boasts a senior dog-friendly design with comfortable bolsters, a waterproof and tear-resistant liner, and an anti-slip bottom. Your aging canine beauty can rest their weary head on the supportive side and back bolsters, as well as enjoy the 4-inch memory foam mattress. This bed is certified safe for skin contact.

Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed

Best Hypoallergenic

Brindle’s waterproof bed is covered with a removable velour lining that resists dust mites, hair, and dirt. The plush, 4-inch foam is divided into a 2-inch memory foam layer and a high-density, joint-supportive foam. When the cover is dirty, toss into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and tumble-dry on a low setting.

Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Value

The Barkbox bed is our best value pick that rivals luxury brands at a budget-friendly price tag. Alleviate joint pain with the high-density memory gel foam and keep wetness away with the waterproof, zippered cover. As a bonus, the bed includes a free squeaky toy and paper crown. Before using, let the mattress air out and inflate for up to three days.

Waterproof dog bed covers and liners make potty training mishaps easy to clean up. It’s easier to remove hair, dirt, and dander, and they provide necessary comfort for dogs of any age. Go for a thick, memory foam bed if your fur baby is on the older side, though any pup will enjoy resting on a cloudlike bed. Try any of the waterproof beds on our list today to keep your dog’s bed fresh and snug.