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The best wet dog foods for the healthiest small dogs

Wet dog foods have many advantageous features over kibble and dry dog food, and you’ll appreciate the differences. Wet dog food tends to have more protein because the ingredients are not dried out and filled with preservatives to keep it fresh. Wet dog food is also easier to chew and can be eaten by dogs of any size. Most importantly, you need to find dog food formulated for lighter and smaller dogs because of their different metabolizing speeds.

The biggest advantage that wet food has over dry food is the texture. Because it is soft and wet, it takes it easy on your dog’s teeth. It is also easier for them to eat and digest. You can find all types of wet dog food for small-breed senior dogs, too, since they are the most prone to not eating because of meal texture. Taking care of your dog does not need to be hard, so get yourself some wet dog food and see your pup eat it all up.

Cesar Wet Dog Food

For Easy Serving

For an easy way to pull out some dinner, the Cesar Wet Dog Food trays come ready to open and serve. The convenient trays have peel-away seals that you can simply remove before placing the food down for your dogs. There are no grains in the ingredients, and the first ingredient will always be the protein of your choice. It is also fortified with vitamins and minerals for your smaller breed dog to stay healthy.

Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food

Best Canned

Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food comes in canned packs for convenient storage and a sealed freshness that cannot be beat. These incredibly delicious and nutritious packs of dog food are made with real meats like beef, chicken, and salmon. Other ingredients include tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice to create a balanced meal. There is also a touch of sauce to add some flavor, so your dog can fully enjoy each meal.

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Best for Digestion

For dogs that have trouble relieving themselves, the Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food is specifically formulated to help with digestion. The peel-and-serve trays serve up some delicious and natural ingredients in a pinch. The balanced minerals promote strong bone and teeth health, and the proteins will help your dog develop lean muscles.

Your dog deserves to dine like a king, and these wet dog food trays will help them. The variety of tastes, textures, and types of food will give you plenty of options to choose from that fit your dog. Your small-breed dog will grow strong and healthy with these specially-formulated wet dog foods.